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10 Things Every Crypto Trader Beginner Must Know!

In this tech-oriented life, where everything and everyone is connected and are dependent on the tech, there will be hardly any person who hasn’t heard about cryptocurrencies. Yes, a very new form of currency that has a lot of potentials if used wisely. Just like the paper currency it also allows its users to make a payment in exchange for some sort of product or service. One can also make profits through this currency. So if you are fond of something related to tech and finances, this article is just for you

In this article, we are going to discuss many topics including:

  • What is cryptocurrency?
  • The history and the legalization of cryptocurrency in various countries
  • The trading fundamentals of this currency for beginners.

So if you have checked your topic of interest in this article. Kindly fasten your belts and open the gates of your brain because this article is going to blow your minds! 

Let us first understand:

 What is cryptocurrency?

This is not a new word for this generation. This is a type of currency that is digital in form. And just like other currencies, it can be used in exchange for the services and products that are enjoyed by the user. In technical language, this currency is a type of currency that uses blockchain technology for its organization and this technology also helps to maintain a secure and safe ledger. These cryptocurrencies are created by solving some tech algorithms that are maintained and confirmed in a process called mining.

They are in trend due to various reasons. Some of them are listed below:

  1. It offers a very secure form of transfer of money that paper money can never give.
  2. It’s easily available in the market. 
  3. They offer the transfers between two parties without any role of any central authority.
  4. These currencies offer 24*7 fast transfers across the globe which can never be achieved by any traditional money.

According to a survey, there are more than 1600 cryptocurrencies across the world, however, they vary in value. To give transfer value, each cryptocurrency works with different technology.

What is crypto trading?

Before getting into crypto trading a person should be aware of trading. So trading is the exchange of (buying and selling) assets. These assets can be a sort of goods as well as a type of service as well which are usually exchanged between both the trading parties.

Similarly when there is an exchange of various cryptocurrencies between 2 trading parties using an authenticated crypto exchange platform is usually known as crypto trading. Some very renowned exchange platforms are Coin DCX, Coinswitch, binance, etc. the idea behind every trade is to gain profit over some time and these coins have shown a good profit record over past years.

The legalization history of cryptocurrencies

There was a time when a list of countries took cryptocurrency as a threat and opposed its use of it but as the time passed several rules were imposed on the use of this currency the rules and the legalization process of these currencies are still evolving. A good focus is to be paid on this topic as there should be policies that shouldn’t affect the natural characteristics like its decentralized nature But currently various countries are trying to accept these currencies as a stable coins that will have stable prices like gold or the U.S. dollars. 

Some countries have accepted these tokens as they naturally are!

The fundamentals for beginners in crypto trading 

There will be hardly any person who hasn’t heard about the people who have made life-changing money in crypto trading. Bitcoin is the most popular currency among the traders in this market. Since its debut in 2009, the growth of this currency has been notably good and its graphs have touched the skies. There are many risks and it should be treated with caution because of the volatile nature of this currency. For many untrained eyes in this game, it seems quite an easy task, hence they consider it an easy source of revenue.

bitcoin trading market data chart. virtual cryptocurrency concept

A good majority of them even quit their jobs and begin pursuing crypto trading as their profession. Spare yourself from making such a rookie mistake as to be a master in any skill one has to learn its basics by heart. We present you with a guide to crypto trading. Following are some basics one can check before diving into a void of money: 

Always start small

The biggest reason why new people in this market always fail or go bankrupt is that they start to invest a huge amount in any crypto which is increasing gradually and forget about the volatile nature of these currencies. In trading, these currencies avoid the temptations of going all guns firing at once instead try to invest some small amount. Slow and steady is the key. Take this time to understand the market and its trading ways, to make the best out of it in the coming future, and instead of losing what you have, you can gain with what little you can.

Available 24*7

Unlike the equity market or the commodity market which has sleeping and waking time, cryptocurrency exchanges work round the clock as it’s a kingdom without rulers. Yes, it is sure a big advantage in this type of trading that this casino is always ready to serve you a good time but the coin has two sides.


The availability can make a person addicted, and tired along with generating the fear of missing out! as well. Owing to this fact personal life of investors is often affected.

Always use a secure digital wallet

Your wallet is a very important tool as it holds all the records of transactions as well as the portfolio of your crypto tokens. There are usually 2 types of wallets to store your cryptocurrencies namely software wallet and hardware wallet.


It is considered that the hardware wallets are much more secure as compared to software wallets. It is something that can not only be exposed to scams or frauds but also to the evil clutches of the software you are trading on. Hence, it’s better to be protected than to be injured later.

Choose your cryptocurrency wisely

If we survey the exchanges today, we might find Bitcoin as the leading cryptocurrency followed by Ethereum. This mere fact fools noob investors. Bitcoin owing to its popularity and being a leading currency enjoys perks and many beginning investors don’t bother to check the trends. If you want to gain a good amount of profit begins with acquainting yourself with many listed currencies. Out of which, choose the currency in which you want to trade. Try to check its records, reading its growth graph, it will tell you a lot about itself. If a currency tempts you and has good growth according to the graph try to buy it at its lowest price.

There are a no. of currencies in the market but many experts deal in bitcoin and Ethereum only. The main reason behind this is that these 2 currencies are very easy to predict when compared with other currencies. Some alternate coins also known as altcoins have shown good growth in the profit race within a month of investment. So these coins can be considered as well.

Trade with strategy

This is one of the crucial steps where many beginners fail. One should always fear a person with a plan so always try to trade with a strategy. Try to use the trading indicators while trading. With correct basic and technical research, a beginner can also gain a good sum of profit. 


Be diversified 

When it comes to trading, always try to have a diversified portfolio. This means never invest all your money into a single asset instead go for a variety of options that yields long-term hefty returns. Just as Ratan Tata says” Never put all your eggs in a single basket” because if that asset drops you will have nothing in your hand leaving you all high and dry. 

Use a simulator

It is rightly said, Practice makes a man perfect. So if you are trying crypto trading try to get all the necessary information while practicing on a simulator. It is available all around the world wide web. Begin investing the real money once you get fully practiced.

Aim for low profits

Aim for low and continuous profits in the beginning as there are a lot of people who have won a good sum but there are also people who have lost all they had at once. Therefore, try not to be greedy in the beginning. Always remember the fact that little pigs eat a lot but the big ones get eaten first. Hence, try to manage your risks with continuous low profits.

Don’t simply buy if its price is low

Yes, don’t simply just buy if the price gets dropped. Lower prices do not always indicate bargaining. The rationale needs to be established each time a currency experiences a steep rise or fall. Always try to find a reason why the price is decreasing. The decision of buying while trading shouldn’t be based on affordability it should mainly depend on the market capitalization. It has been observed that various coin owners go bankrupt just because they simply bought the coin at a low price without any research. Researching is a key element. I don’t just support this while talking about investing in crypto. Every yielding investment instrument shouldn’t be blindly trusted because the world is investing. Conduct your analysis and consider investing based on your risk appetite. If you have no idea where to begin, it is suggested to take on any course available, either for free or for reimbursement involved. It is advised to think twice while trading always!


Try to invest in a long-term investment proposition

It has been noticed that the prices of each currency fluctuate many times in a single day. So if you are a beginner try to invest your cash in long-term investment. Because these cryptos aren’t going anywhere they will remain here for years and you can get a good profit as well. Save your time and money, learn about how markets work, and come back strong and clear-headed again to bounce the exchanges of crypto so that the thud could be heard far long when you spend the profits you have earned. 


This type of digital currency is noticed to have a huge amount of potential. But what’s good without some cons as well. Its biggest advantage of being a decentralized currency can also be considered as its major drawback by a list of countries. This establishes crypto as an oxymoron somewhere in the universe. However, the ongoing debate had led to sides being taken. Some countries have accepted this currency with a big warm hug while others have accepted it with the imposition of certain rules. Either way, the journey cryptocurrencies have set is a long way to go.

The market of this currency has a wide variety of coins in which each coin is different and has its specific growth value as well so while trading any cryptocurrency every beginner must keep some points in mind (especially about the volatility of these coins) so that he can also enjoy some elixir of this market. 

Your money is your sweat and blood. It doesn’t come off easily. You have to work round the clock to earn it. You, therefore, have to invest in any instrument after proper research and correct analysis. The world of cryptocurrency can either prove to be quicksand or barren land, depending upon your choices. The choice of cryptocurrencies, their buying value, and selling value along with time. It is indeed a risky proposition, however, we cannot deny how it left many individuals out there with tons of riches and enjoying luxuries. It, therefore, raises the question of whether this is an entirely luck-based game or a mind game and you know where the answer lies? It lies in your brain and heart, once you sweep its water with your feet.


Article proofread & published by Gauri Malhotra.




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