1st E-Commerce Platform For Local Kirana Stores And Small Retail Stores arriving Soon: great news for store owners and consumers

E-Commerce Platform For Local Kirana Stores And Small Retail Stores arriving Soon

An e-commerce platform may soon come up for small grocery stores, allowing them to take online orders. The Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade DPIIT and the Small Retailers Group Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) are together establishing an e-commerce platform. This platform will help in taking online orders through local grocery stores and making the goods accessible to the customer.

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In a media release issued by CAIT, the organization said that apart from DPIIT and CAIT, other promoters of this market place are Startup India, Invest India, All India Consumer Products Distributors Organization, and Avon Capital. According to an Economic Times report, the release states that the e-commerce portal will be for seven crore merchants in the country.

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The release stated that all manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers, and consumers of domestic business sectors will be an integral part of this e-commerce platform. “In the current Coronavirus crisis, the population of India’s tier 2 and 3 cities, which were heavily dependent on these grocery stores, are now facing challenges,” the release said. DPIIT and CAIT are working on the national e-commerce marketplace to deal with this situation. This platform is not just to deal with the current crisis but is a permanent platform to digitalize the existing business of the entire business community of the country.

In the coronavirus crisis digital has become a new trend as more and more enterprises be it small or big are focusing on making their services digitalize so that the goods and services could be made available at the doorsteps of the potential consumers.

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The best example for this would be the recent Jio and Facebook collab, where the Ambani said that “this agreement will favour the 30 million grocery shoppers to conduct digital transactions with their neighbourhood customers through Jio’s digital commerce platform Geomart and WhatsApp. ” he also mentioned that, “This means that you can order from all the local shops in the neighbourhood for everyday items and get goods within a short span.” In addition, small grocery shoppers can grow their businesses and create new employment opportunities using digital technologies.

this is interesting to know from the past few years the Indian government is trying its best to make the India digital, and the Coronavirus pandemic has made this possible in months where the country is stepping forward towards becoming a digital India and has started believing in digital platforms for food, payments, education, and work.

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