Prime Minister Modi Said” COVID-19 Made Us Self-Reliant” In The Meeting With Gram Panchayats Of The Country – highlighted the importance of launching the e-Swaraj portal mobile app

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday greeted the sarpanches of the country on the occasion of Panchayati Raj Day.

He also highlighted the importance of launching the e-Swaraj portal mobile app and ownership scheme. He also said that we get a message from the Coronavirus crisis that we should be self-reliant. The Prime Minister said, ‘It is very important for the farmer to be healthy. they are our provider. Farmers and herd companions did not allow the country to lack food grains, milk, curd, and fruits at the time of lockdown

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Even before the program started, Panchayati Raj Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said, “Prime Minister Modi will give a start to two programs today.” The Ministry of Panchayati Raj had already given this information. The ministry had said that on April 24, National Panchayati Raj Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address various gram panchayats of the country through video conferencing.

Certificates will be given for mapping every property of the village:


The Prime Minister said, ‘Ownership Scheme’ is an attempt to correct the situation that prevails over the property in villages. Under this, mapping of every property in all the villages of the country through drones will be done. After this, the people of the village will be given a certificate of ownership of that property. With this, just like cities, you can take loans in villages. When you have ownership, you can take a loan from the bank based on that property. Currently, we are starting this scheme in Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttarakhand.

Corona gave a message of becoming self-reliant says PM Modi:

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi started the conversation saying, “On the occasion of Panchayati Raj Day, some people have been honoured for good works and congratulations to the people of the village.” Corona has changed the way we all work. Earlier we used to do a program face to face. But today the same program has to be done through video conferencing. Today, I welcome all those involved in this program. ”He said,“ I want to give a message through this program. The Coronavirus Crisis has given us the message of becoming self-sufficient. It is difficult to deal with such crises without becoming self-sufficient. The coronavirus epidemic has caused many problems for us, which we never imagined. ‘

Property ownership card is a step ahead for self-reliant India: Modi

Emphasizing self-sufficiency, Prime Minister Modi said, “Villages should become self-sufficient for their basic needs, district at its own level, state at its own level, and similarly how the whole country should become self-reliant is now very important.” He said, ‘5-6 years ago less than one hundred panchayats in the country were connected to broadband but now broadband has reached more than 1.25 lakh panchayats. Not only this, but the number of common service centres in villages has also crossed the three lakh mark.

The Prime Minister said, ‘This coronavirus crisis has shown the world that people living in the villages of the country, during this time, have preserved their values and traditions and through their teachings, they are inspiring the big scholars of the world. 

Benefits that will be obtained from the ownership plan:

The Prime Minister said, ‘Through the app launched today, the funds of the Gram Panchayats, its functioning will be fully informed. Through this, the work of projects will be accelerated with transparency in working style. He further said, “The ownership scheme will benefit many villagers one by one. This will end confusion and quarrels over the property. This will help in the planning of development schemes in the village. With this, you will be able to take loans from banks in villages like cities. He informed that ownership scheme will be started in 6 states of the country under which mapping of village properties will be done. Each property of the village will get a certificate.

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How Village infrastructure will be strengthened?

The Prime Minister said, ‘To strengthen the infrastructure of the village, two important projects have been started by the government today. One is the specialty of e-village Swaraj and the other is that it will introduce an ownership plan for every villager.

PM: the efforts of India is discussed all over the world during COVID-19:

The Prime Minister said, “It is true that there are problems with obstacles, but showing the strength of the resolution, the work of saving and advancing the country is going on continuously”.

PM Modi to launch physical distribution of property cards on Sunday | Business Standard News

Referring to COVID-19, he said that in 2-3 months in the crisis of such a large global pandemic, we saw that the citizen of India, instead of succumbing to many difficulties amidst limited resources, is fighting like a warrior against this pandemic. He said, ‘You all have given the world the mantra in very simple terms -‘ do gaj duri’ . There is a lot of attention given in the villages on the practice of this mantra. These are your efforts that are being discussed in the world today that how India has responded to Coronavirus.

It is worth mentioning that on 27 April, Prime Minister Modi will talk to the Chief Minister of all the states of the country through video conferencing. It is speculated that the talks may be on the issue of COVID-19 and lockdown. The Prime Minister has participated in many such talks through video conferencing since lockdown, following the physical distance rules to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.

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