5 Decorative Wall Painting Techniques for Your House

We all have this undying need for adventure and excitement in our life. Something for too long is it some kind of experience, job, or even the painting of your wall, it tends to get boring after a time. Do not consider it as an extravaganza. It is completely normal for you to feel that the paint of your house has gone stale. You are required to repaint the house every three to four years to keep it in good shape. If you are way behind that schedule you need to look after it ASAP. While you’re at it spice it up a bit would not do any harm. 


However, coming up with the decision as to what kind of wall paint you want is fairly a tough one. But we are here to help you out we have brought to you a set of five decorative wall painting ideas that would help to spice up your rooms. Here is the list that you need:




Dear DIY lover, this one is just for you. It is easy to do on your own and does not require a lot of expertise or experience in the field of painting walls. It does not require a lot of clean-up after the process of painting the walls either. So, if you intend on doing a particular piece of your room buy your own, then this could be the option you must go for. All you need to do is to order a stencil online and spend just about an afternoon behind painting a wall.

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This is another one of the easier methods to give your room a makeover. If you used to think that your walls have become stale and boring then just wait till you have this one done. Giving your voice a metallic look is the ultimate style statement. It also helps you to have a Layered look if you go for metallic accents. These are especially good for your living room where you may have certain. Showpieces to show off this will give them a good background to blend in with. You can get opt for Asian Paints Royale to get this texture on your walls. 




If you are someone who gets fascinated with retro styles then this one is absolutely for you. The best part about this wall paint is that you can make it work in the kitchen As well as in your bedroom or any other room. It’s simple yet flowing patterns give a certain dimension to your room you can choose for subtle colour combinations to make it look more posh and sophisticated. But, if you are a lover for vibrant and bright colours you can very well choose a bright combination of colours as well. It will help you achieve a more contemporary and vibrant look for your rooms.



Stripes like Harlequin are another classic. You can use it in various ways and give your room different kinds of makeovers. A few changes here and there will result in completely different outlooks. Why you can go for thin and subtle stripes to give your room a quiet and sweet vibe you can also opt for bold once to add vibrancy to your room. The best part is that you can use them in any kind of order. Horizontal vertical diagonal or any other stripes are stripes nonetheless.

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This may not seem a viable option to many but believe us when we say this it will add a new dimension to your room. It is fairly easy to apply as well. if you are looking for a not so hectic way to give your rooms a makeover but at the same time add a dynamic feel to it then this is your choice.


These are some of the best and top-notch yet easy ideas that you could use to give your rooms a complete makeover. But the walls of your rooms are your canvas. If you have some ideas of your own then feel free to use them on them. 

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