Things to be aware of before buying jewellery online

Online shopping has changed everybody’s life so much. From books to appliances, from home décor to clothes and accessories, there is nothing we can’t buy online in today’s time. However, we need to be cautious when buying something valuable online like jewellery.

Almost every day we come across new brands and labels with their online stores displaying their beautiful little pendants, solitaire ring designs etc. on our social media. However, most of us are very sceptic when it comes to buying our jewellery online, mainly because it needs a lot of research and thought to overcome the fear of buying jewellery online. But, you don’t have to let go of those beautiful designs like that, as long as you make sure of a few factors.

Product Specifications

While choosing your desired piece of jewellery, it is important that you look into the product’s detailed specifications so as to be sure of your choice. That should include information about the product such as the size of the product, the type of metal used, it’s purity and weight; the specifications of the stone such as it’s weight, colour, dimensions, clarity, etc.

Authenticity Specifications

Most of the precious and semi-precious online jewellery come with authenticity certificates that verify its genuineness. It is mandatory for the companies to provide it to the customers. The authenticity of the product can be checked by checking the hallmarking and certification of the product. Check the kind of certification that is provided and from which lab, as that would denote if the retailer adheres to the required standards.

Are they addressing your concerns?

Look into the kind of assistance and the contact details provided by the seller on the website. An authentic, and reputed jewellery seller would provide address details, phone number, email ID and chat options so that the customers can contact them in case of any problem or any assistance needed.

Return and Exchange Policy

Go through the return and exchange policy provided by the seller thoroughly before making the purchase in order to exactly know the terms you are getting into once you make the purchase. It is necessary because not all times do the products we get matches what we ordered. In case of any discrepancies, one must always have the option to exchange it or return the product back.

Delivery Service and Nature

Most websites provide an option to know how soon they can deliver the product to your address. This helps avoiding the frustration that comes with tracking the order status from time to time until the order arrives.

When buying expensive jewellery like real diamond rings or solitaire studs, etc. it is wise to check if the store has an insurance policy in place for you to avail for the delivery of the product.

Secured Payment Methods

Most website provide different options in payment methods like cash/card on delivery, internet banking, debit card payment, credit card payment, etc. This helps making the payment procedure comfortable for the customer who can choose the payment method they deem most secure. But most importantly, its important to know if the security standards adhered by the company is secure enough to keep your information. Check the security standards and then browse further.

Buying jewellery online is very easy and has benefits like stunning designs, incredible deals and discounts. All that is needed is some amount of knowledge to make sure you are buying an authentic piece of jewellery in a safe and secure manner. It is always better to be an informed buyer.

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