60% ticket cancellation in March: Chairman of Railway Board of Parliamentary Committee rebuked, said – Your preparations are incomplete, presentation in vain

The MP included in the committee said- the Chairman of the Railway Board was not ready for the meeting, his presentation was also useless.

The chairman said – We are giving pamphlets to the passengers, the committee’s question – what steps should be taken for those who are not educated?

On Wednesday, a senior railway official told the parliamentary committee that 60 percent of tickets have been canceled due to fear of coronavirus in March. Sources said that the parliamentary committee is angry about the arrangements made by the Railways to tackle the virus. The committee has also reprimanded the chairman of the board.

The Standing Committee of the Department of Transport, Tourism and Culture held a special meeting with the Ministry of Railways and Aviation. It sought information from the ministries about the precautionary steps taken after the deaths due to infection. 20 MPs were present in this meeting.

Chairman VK Yadav said- We appealed to the people
During the meeting, the Parliamentary Committee criticized Railway Board Chairman VK Yadav for the preparations in view of the transition and the steps taken to deal with it. The chairman’s preparations during the meeting were not complete and the committee did not find his presentation on such a sensitive issue. Yadav told the parliamentary panel that 60% of the tickets were canceled in March due to fear of Corona. Yadav said that we have appealed to postpone non-essential visits. During this time, the MPs present in the meeting reprimanded Yadav that your preparations are not complete.

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Committee member said- just read some papers brought along
An MP said that the officials of the Department of Aviation and Tourism had come to the slides to prepare their presentation. But the Railways did not do so. They were just reading some paper they had brought with them. He was not ready and prepared a useless presentation. Sources told the news agency that the committee members directed the chairman of the Railway Board to prepare the detail report and asked them to give detailed information about the steps taken to deal with the infection.

Yadav told the committee that the Railways have prepared pamphlets, which contain instructions to be alert to the coronaviruses and are being given to the passengers. The committee questioned what steps you have taken for the passengers who cannot read and write. The committee said that neither you nor the Railways are ready to deal with the virus infection.

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