Aaykar Diwas 2022: Why is Income Tax Day celebrated on 24 July in India?

Income Tax Day is always celebrated on 24 July in India. This is owing to the fact that the Constitution of India mandates that a uniform tax rate should be set for each state. The idea behind this was to avoid revenue disparities between states, so it was decided that every state will have an income tax day on 24th of July, which corresponds with the day when income tax laws came into effect across India.see the source image

Since the new tax laws in India are made between 1st April and 31st May, but income tax return is required to be filed on or before 31st July, this gave rise to the idea that the income tax day should be observed on the last Saturday of July. This date is also considered as a time when people can get used to their taxes and gives an opportunity for people to learn about the new tax regime.

The objective of Income Tax Day is to promote awareness about new tax regime, which was implemented in India on 24 July, 1860. One of the goals for observing this day is to help people become more aware about the importance of tax compliance and improvement in tax planning.

Why is it celebrated on 24 July?

India has a federal structure with four different levels in the administrative system of the country – Union, State, District and local. The date for celebration of Aaykar Diwas day in each state varies. In Kerala, the official Aaykar Diwas day is fixed on 24 July every year. It is also the day when income tax is levied by the government. The Aaykar Diwas day in other states follow a similar schedule.

Aaykar Diwas celebrates the day when the Indian Income Tax Act was enacted in India in July 1860 which introduced a uniform tax system across all the states of India. This was done to avoid revenue disparity among states because of their varying economic structures and structures of industries within specific states.

Importance of Income Tax

Income tax is the primary instrument to take care of the government’s revenue requirement. The government collects all its revenue from the people and provides various services to them. The collection of this revenue is very crucial for the government of India. Another important aspect of income tax is that it helps in the development of a nation.

This is because it provides an opportunity for the government to generate and invest money in various projects, which are then spent on developing infrastructure, providing basic amenities and other things that help in the growth of a country’s economy. It also helps in funding various services such as health care, education, etc.

Income tax helps in the development of an economy by providing money for the government to spend on various projects like infrastructure development, health care and education. It also helps in funding various services such as transport, defence and even basic amenities. It provides an opportunity to save, invest and grow by investing the money in personal savings and bank accounts.

History & Significance of Income Tax Day

Customs & excise department comes under the ministry of Finance. So it is mandatory to pay taxes on various goods, commodities and services. These taxes are collected as per the provisions made in the Constitution of India. It consists of five tax heads. The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) is a statutory body constituted by Article 316 of the Constitution and responsible for policy formulation, superintendence over the administration, control and execution of laws relating to direct taxes in India.

Income tax department also start accepting tax returns from the citizens and also invites suggestions for the purpose of improvement. This is to make India a better place to live.
24 July 2022 marked the 162 year since income tax day was first introduced in India in 2010. The Income Tax Department of India (ITDI) is hosting a National Seminar on the occasion of Income Tax Day, 2019.

The objective of Income Tax Day is to promote awareness about new tax regime. It also promotes tax compliance and improvement in tax planning by citizens. It has been observed in various schools across Tamil Nadu through seminars and other related programmes. The revenue department of state governments also organises events to raise awareness about taxation amongst masses, as it is one of the important duties provided to them by the constitution of India.

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The income tax system of India was introduced in the country on 24 July, 1860. This system was introduced to avoid revenue disparities between states and economic disparities among people in each state. The income tax laws were made between 1st April and 31st May 1921 and this provided a month-long leeway to anyone registered for income tax with the Income Tax Department for submitting their return for assessment year including their income outside India which may be earned from international companies registered abroad.

The Indian Income tax Act was passed in 1860. It brings a uniform procedure for levying income tax. This act is implemented in all the states of India on 24 July, which is also celebrated as Aaykar Din. The Act declares that the assessment shall be made during 31 March to 31 July, which results in the year ending on 31 March and beginning of financial year on 1 April.see the source image

History of Income tax Day

The principal reason for the introduction of income tax in India was to remove revenue disparity among states and grant them more rights within the Indian federation. This motivated the government to ensure a uniform policy from all states. The Income Tax department is also responsible for the preparations of income tax return forms.

Taxpayers are also required to submit their tax returns. The Income Tax Department has also announced tax exemption schemes for taxpayers. The department is striving hard to make India a better place to live in. Taxpayers and officers both have the duty of collecting taxes and paying it to government.

Significance of Income Tax Day

Income tax provides state-wise break up of income and expenditure. This can be useful in various sectors of the economy such as real estate, transportation, commerce, education and many others. Money earned from the businesses can be spent on other expenditures like housing and education.

The importance of Income Tax Day is that it motivates the persons to pay their taxes or submit their returns on time. This helps in taking care of government’s financial requirement and also ensures development of country. It also helps in generating income for a country’s economy.

The tax computation is done by a professional who understands the ways and means of taxation. It is a very complicated process too and requires great expertise to compute the amount required to be paid by an individual. The Income tax department is the best place to find such professionals who have expertise in this regard. They can help you with all your queries and make sure that you pay your taxes in time.

Income tax is a relatively complicated subject. This is the reason why there are many different ways to file your own income tax return. The best way to file your income tax return will be depend on how much time you have, how difficult and tedious it is, and also what kind of tax bracket in which you fall within.

Role of the Income Tax in common man’s life

The Indian government has promoted the idea of paying your taxes on time. This is because they want to ensure that they have enough financial resources throughout the year. Since it is mandatory to pay tax, people pay a lot of attention in order to get their returns right.

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There are many people who file taxes late and this kind of behaviour makes it more difficult for the Income Tax department to handle such tax returns. The Income Tax department also has a right to raise questions if they find any discrepancies in your tax rate or payment amount.

The income tax department also advertises through the media and also holds seminars on tax filing. It is mandatory to declare income earned from all sources, however, it is best to submit your return as early as possible. The government also sends one notices to taxpayers who are late in filing their tax returns and very few people actually pay notice on time.

The Government spent a vast amount of money on the development of this department. An efficient and responsible board which helps the citizens to file their returns is also present in the income tax department. The board also looks at the records of all the taxpayers and ensures that they have enough comprehension regarding their income tax.

Income Tax Day celebrations 2022

The celebrations of Income Tax Day are also organised in many schools across the country through different programmes. The government also promotes awareness about Income Tax Day. The Income Tax Department is the head of all other income tax offices around India. The headquarters of the department are in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The Income Tax Department is also known as ITR or ITAT. Even though there are many departments responsible for collecting taxes, the Income Tax Department is a vital one and has been formed by the government long time ago with a motive to collect and distribute taxes efficiently in all over India.

The government has created income tax act for the whole country. Under the Act, all people are required to pay taxes according to their income sources. People who earn higher than average are declared as taxpayers and they have to pay taxes accordingly at the end of every financial year. The government has also made a tax deduction at source (TDS) system in order to ensure that people are paying taxes as per their income sources.see the source image

Aaykar Diwas: Income Tax was levied as a fee for the first time in this year

To spread awareness about the Income Tax, the Income Tax Department conducted seminars in different parts of country. They also organized these programs in schools as well to make students aware about Income Tax. Last year the department organised a seminar in a school and it is believed that this program will be held this year as well.

The Indian government is making sure that all their tax paying citizens get to know about the importance of paying their taxes, even though there are many cases where people do not pay on time and cause trouble for various departments. The Income Tax department is also trying to promote awareness in the people as well. They have started a campaign in different parts of country and this is part of their broader plans to make sure that people pay their taxes on time.

Income tax department has made rules regarding the income tax returns and it is compulsory for the taxpayers to file a correct return with all relevant details. There are rules regarding how much an individual should declare as his income, how much he has spent on various items, and how much he should declare as capital gains etc.

Income Tax Day 2022

People should be aware of the consequences if they do not pay their taxes. It is mandatory for the citizens in India to pay their taxes. It is a legal obligation and the government will take legal actions against people who do not comply with such orders. They might lose their property, may face arrest and even go to jail, sometimes for long periods as well.

As the world progresses, so does the need for tax. Each country has their own taxation system and methods. In order to collect sufficient amounts of funds, governments impose taxes on its citizens and other companies working within their border. Initially, taxes were only imposed on rich people and they used to get away with little or no tax at all.

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Tax is also referred to as a tariff, an assessment or a duty. A tax can be imposed in many different forms. There are different types of taxes and they can be applied on different things such as property, physical goods, income, sales and even the emigration of a person.

This Department was firstly established in India by the British Government during the regime of Lord Robert Clive. The department got its supremacy after independence in 1947 and was established by the government with a motive to collect taxes from all segments of the society equally.

Income Tax Day is celebrated in India to mark the contribution of the income tax department to the nation’s economy. The day is celebrated every year on 24 July and also serves as a reminder to people about the importance of paying their taxes. There are several employees working for various channels of income tax department. They play an important role in making sure that people pay their taxes on time.

Income Tax Department

To celebrate the day, the Income Tax Department conducts seminars in schools and colleges. They also organize different programs which include mass media campaigns, trust drives, income tax awareness awareness drives etc. Income Tax Day is celebrated by ringing bells at various places all over India as one of the prominent ways in celebrating this important day for all Indians. The process to make sure that people pay their taxes on time is also quite interesting.

The department of Income Tax is one of the oldest departments in the country. It was established in 1947 by the government which is considered as an important foundation for the country’s economy. The department has different wings which are responsible for different tasks and they work together to make sure that taxes are paid on time and that people do not face any trouble.

The Income Tax Department is responsible for collecting taxes and has been made responsible of all other departments as well. For this purpose, they have made sure that they have a strong infrastructure and all IT related things are under their control.see the source image


Almost every country depends on its taxpayers and income tax plays a vital role in every economy throughout the world. Countries collect taxes to develop their economy in many different ways. The Indian government is also spending a huge amount of money on the development of its income tax department. The department is planning to come up with new schemes, policies and new technologies so that they are able to collect more taxes from people and ensure that the government has enough funds to spend on various important things.

The department is also exploring different ways to ensure that the taxpayers are satisfied with the system and feel that they are making a difference by paying their taxes. It is important to have a proper taxation system in place to ensure that the people working in the country have enough money to support themselves, their families and live comfortable lives.

Income tax department is responsible for assessing, collecting and accounting for taxes. The department collects all kinds of tax such as income tax, corporate tax and other types of taxes as well. Income tax department is also called income tax department, income tax, ITR or ITAT.

The Income Tax Act 1961 is an act of the Parliament of India which governs direct and indirect taxation in India. The act specifies the responsibilities of the Central Board for Direct Taxes (CBDT) as well as Indian Taxation Department (ITD), Indian Revenue Service (Customs and Central Excise) and Central Board for Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC).

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