ALERT! The Government Has Imposed A Night Curfew In the More Virus-Affected Cities

In the wake of surging coronavirus cases post-Diwali festivities in the second wave in Gujarat, the Gujarat government announced on Friday that it has imposed a night curfew in Vadodara, Surat, and Rajkot from 9 pm and 6 am starting on November 21, according to sources.

The announcement by Nitin Patel, Gujarat Deputy Chief Minister, came after the state government decided on Thursday to impose a complete curfew in Ahmedabad from 9 pm on November 20th to 6 am on November 23rd, after that, the night curfew will continue to take effect.

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation declared a curfew from 9 pm to 6 pm every day from tomorrow to control the spread of the deadly virus.

AMC has also imposed a weekend curfew from Friday 9 pm to 6 pm Monday, during which only pharmacies and milk diaries will remain open in a bid to halt the spread of the coronavirus.

Except for basic service providers, all commercial and commercial establishments will be closed in the city from 9 pm to 6 am.

The situation was reviewed late at night and it has decided to impose a complete curfew in Ahmedabad City from 9 pm tomorrow night to 6 am Monday morning. 

The additional chief secretary and in-charge of coronavirus management, Dr. Rajiv Kumar Gupta said that the state authorities and the civic administration have extra hospital beds in response to deal with this situation.

In various government hospitals, almost 900 new beds have been added, and in private hospitals, extra 400 beds have been added.

As of Thursday, the city has a total of 2,237 beds, and private designated hospitals have over 250 beds, which are available in the city, Dr. Gupta said in a statement.

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In Ahmedabad city, there are 7 government hospitals and 76 covid-19 privately designated hospitals with more than 7,000 beds.

A large number of cases are coming from urban and suburban residential areas in the city.

covid gujarat 1200

According to Dr. Rajiv Kumar Gupta, additional 20 ambulances have been added to the fleet to take patients to the hospital, and the state government has allocated additional 300 medical students and 300 doctors to help and assist the civic bodies in coping with the increasing coronavirus infection cases. 

Meanwhile, official sources stated that in view of the current situation, the Gujarat government has shelved its previous decision to open secondary schools, colleges, and universities in the state from November 23.

The health department said that in the past 24 hours, Gujarat had detected over 1,400 new coronavirus infections on Friday, bringing the number of cases in the state to 1,94,402.

The report added that the number of deaths due to the coronavirus reached 3,837, with another seven patients succumbed. At the same time, over 1,000 patients have also recovered during this period.

Moreover, the Chief Minister of Madhya PradeshShivraj Singh Chouhan, will also impose a curfew from tomorrow between 10 pm and 6 am in cities in the state that are more affected by the virus.

CM said: From November 21st, a curfew will be imposed in Bhopal, Indore, Gwalior, Vidisha, and Ratlam areas between 10 pm and 6 am. Factory workers and people engaged in essential services are exempted, he said.

938570 curfew

However, Chouhan rejected recent reports on Friday that the state government is considering reimposing the lockdown due to the sudden surge in the coronavirus pandemic.

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As the state’s coronavirus cases have risen again, there were reports that the Madhya Pradesh government was considering to re-impose lockdown.

The state will not be re-imposed lockdown in any city, he said while clearing the air of all speculation. 

In addition to this, according to the Ministry of Health, Madhya Pradesh also reported 1364 new cases and 14 deaths on Thursday. The total number of reported cases in Madhya Pradesh so far is 1,88,019, of which 1,75,090 have recovered yet. Due to the deadly pandemic, a total of 3,129 people have died.

Besides this, Anil Vij, Haryana Health Minister, received a trial dose of the potential coronavirus vaccine Covaxin in Ambala today. Covaxin’s human trials began in July at the Post-Graduate Institute of Medical Science in Rohtak.

According to the Union Health Ministry data, the number of coronavirus cases in India exceeded the 90,00,000 mark last Friday, with 45,884 new cases, and the recovery rate soared to 84.29 lakh, bringing the national recovery rate to reach 93.6%.

The updated data showed that the total number of COVID-19 cases in the country mounted to more than 90,04,350, and the death toll climbed to over 1,32,144. The COVID-19 caused over 580 deaths in the country within 24 hours.

The coronavirus fatality rate case further dropped to 1.46%. Data shows that the country has more than 4,43,770 active cases of the COVID-19 infection, accounting for 4.92% of the total number of cases.

However, in states such as Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and West Bengal, infections are rising rapidly. Yet, India’s recovery rate continues to soar and now stands at 93.6%. 

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