Always Take Internships Seriously To Make a Long Lasting Career

Internships, I often hear this word from students. During the entire course of more than 7 years of entrepreneurship, I faced many students seeking internship and hardly .01% know and understand what is internship.
For many students almost 99.99% internship is just a way to spend their summer vacations, to get free internet, a cool office with AC and some new friends and get a certificate along with some pocket money.
Hello, Companies are not hiring you to give you free INTERNET, free ac, free wifi along with certificates and pocket money. Companies are not here to do charity.
Internship is a real time understanding of hardcore professionalism, you get real time task, real time targets, real time company pressure to understand how corporate works.
It is a period where you learn lot of things practically which you might have read in your courses theoretically.
I often see many students who are looking to do internship from their home, I really feel pitty. You don’t just loose a chance to work with a real time understanding of the work, you also loose a true experience of working in office.
Work from home has become a real pain in many youngsters now a days, everyone want to work from home, from the comfort of their bed. I do understand that many corporates allow their employees to work from home, but not to immediate fresher or junior people.
They allow work from home to senior people who understand what they have to do for the company and who understand the working model of the company very well.
I guess our young generation has become so habitual of the comfort that they even want the comfort while in job. If work from home would have been so amazing and wonderful thing to do, I am sure companies like google, tata, reliance, wipro, hcl, facebook would have never invested crores of rupees to build such large offices all around the world
They would have hired a bunch of freelancers from here and there and would have given them work from home. Be serious about your career and work and forget the habit of work from home if you are seriously looking to work and build your career.
Internship is not just a name sake formality of getting the certificate, its a real experience of working in a company with the fear of being sacked or loosing your job.
It gives you a chance to learn new concepts, professionalism, real time work culture, team building, presentation and also gives you a time to remove all the flaws inside yo and improve yourself before you apply for full time job so that you don’t get sacked again.
So don’t just take internships for fun and time pass but be serious and take it seriously just like your full time job. Always apply very professionally for internship with your proper resume, a passport size pic, write a proper cover letter telling the company about your skills and expertise, what are your plans, your targets and your future goals, always include your previous achievements, what do you want to do for the company and why company should hire you or give you an opportunity to work with them.
One common mistake that I have seen among interns is that they just apply to any company, every company without even once visiting the website of the organization, this is a real big mistake.
A doctor can not apply to be a civil engineer, a painter can not apply for a tax accounting company, a singer can not apply for a chemical engineering position.
If you really want to have a excellent hiring experience as well as want to save time of yourself as well as the company, always do visit the website of the companies you want to apply, give some time to understand the products, services and working sector of the company.
Don’t just apply for internship to any and every email id you get on the INTERNET, do take time to read about the company and always respect time of yourself and others. Be punctual, professional and clear if you want to have a excellent career track.
Remember if you want to achieve something, you have to get out of your comfort zone.
Best of Luck.

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