Entertaintment has all in all different meaning in Think Machine with Abhishek & Nitish Bansal

Today, one of the most liked and cherished entertainment way is known to be the different types of festivals going on. People especially the youth rather than sitting in front of the TV and laptops prefer exploring themselves in the world and thus love to be a part of festivals, while enjoying themselves they prefer taking challenges in the competitions that are there in festival. From dancing to food and drinks to adventure.
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To make this experience more valuable of the lives of the people, came up a 19 year old young enthusiastic entrepreneur , Abhishek, Founder at Think Machine. Believes in living the life to its fullest, enjoying every bit of it and standing out tall in the world, doing something exceptional .
Being a youth himself he loved attending the major festivals and found out the fact how the festivals lack in serving best to the audience, especially the artists. So came up while building a concept of Think Machine, as a festival curator, artists management, festival oriented company. That focus on not only serving its best to the audience but also servicing the best to the artists and giving them the platform to grow their talents and also showcase them.
Taking his father, Chander Shekher as his inspiration, he brought up Think Machine as an event startup. Taking care of customized deals and packages on food, drinks and events. Bring up the festivals, creating something to take sojourners on the stride of entertainment with its soothing music, fine wine, alluring fashion, yummylicious food, enthralling drama, intense adventure and much more.

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