Jayman Sharma: A Fascinating Journey as a Youth Leader

Jayman Sharma was born on 27th February 1987. He was born and bought up in a middle-class family of Bapunagar – Ahmedabad. Everyone has a dream to become a doctor, engineer, and lawyer kind of profession but Jayman was pretty sure from his childhood that he will serve his Country. Jayman Sharma is always passionate about social service. He started his Political carrier when he was in college where he joined NSUI in 2006. He is right now an active member of Youth Congress & NSUI. From 2016 he is elected President of IYC – BAPUNAGAR.

Jayman Sharma’s political career started by joining NSUI in 2006. In 2009 he was elected as a Delegate from Thakkarbapanagar Vidhan sabha. After that in 2011, Jayman contested as NSUI candidate in Gujarat University Board for student Welfare elections and won the election by maximum votes & was elected as a Welfare Member of Gujarat university. In 2016 when the Youth Congress election was declared in Gujarat, where Jayman Sharma registered maximum membership of around 4000 forms, which is the highest number of members from any VidhanSabha in Gujarat.

Jayman Sharma’s vision is to serve the people of the country and fight for their rights. He always supported students in all possible ways, whether its educational rights or any Government job issue Jayman always stayed connected with them for their problems. He is always inspired by SHRI RAHUL GANDHI & tried his best to work hard for the youth and people of our country. Working hard with great determination for the people of Bapunagar Jayman Sharma is now the President of IYC Bapunagar.

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On 24th March 2020 the government declared a sudden lockdown due to Covid – 19 pandemic, it started with one day and kept on increasing in Phases. The economy was already in poor condition, after lockdown there was a sudden collapse. Poor People & the Labour class people of Bapunagar & the nearby area needed support from the government in all possible ways, at the time Jayman Sharma volunteer greatly. Jayman Sharma started many campaigns to help the people of BapuNagar in all possible ways.
1. ( 1500 Food Packets for 75 days )
2. Free Sanitizer & Mask to Poor People.
3. Helped 5000 migrant people to reach their native home safely with free food, water & supplements.

During the Lockdown period, people were jobless & labor class people suffered more, they even do not have proper food to eat. As per the situation, Jayman Sharma started a campaign to distribute FREE FOOD PACKETS to poor people. Every day 1500 food packets were made & distributed in nearby areas & on the roadside where migrant people were taking shelter. The food packets were organized by Jayman Sharma & his team, distributed to various societies to needy & poor people. An announcement was made that free food packets for poor people are available at Jayman Sharma’s Office. This campaign was conducted for 75 days starting from 24th march when lockdown started.

During the lockdown, the government made masks compulsory. Poor people do not even have proper food to eat how will they purchase a mask, due to this pandemic rate of masks increased due to high demand. Jayman Sharma started a campaign to distribute Free mask & distribute it to poor people. He does not compromise in the quality of the mask, he hired a masked making team & made 25000 masks to distribute to people. Along with the mask Jayman Sharma distributed free sanitizer to poor people, AMC Worker, Police Workers. He also made youth & people aware of pandemic-related information, wearing the mask & sanitizing your hands is important.

During the lockdown period, there was two Super Hero working for us day & night. One Police Workers, Second Doctors & Municipal Workers. Jayman Sharma started a campaign to make & distribute tea to police workers during the night. They work for us day & night, now it’s our duty to take care of them. Jayman Sharma arranged a special tea program for them & distributed hot tea at midnight to police workers on duty.

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Due to loss of jobs, labor work people suffered a lot, they had no money even to eat food for themselves & their family. Jayman Sharma started distributing Complete Ration Kits to poor & needy people at their doorstep.

When the Government implemented sudden lockdown migrant people working in Ahmedabad got stuck. Now they were far away from their home with no Jobs. All the transportation was closed due to pandemics. Many workers started walking on roads to reach their homes, this all situation created tears in our hearts. Jayman Sharma arranged Bus for migrant people to reach their home safely. Also arranged free food, water & supplements. around 5000 migrant workers were sent to their native homes safely. All these arrangements were done free of cost.

Jayman Sharma has given 13 Years for the sake of people & will keep on helping people until his last breath. After being President of IYC Bapunagar Jayman Sharma has won the heart of thousands of people. Jayman Sharma looking for his future prospect to fight election from Bapunagar ward 26. Your love & vote will make this possible.

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