Avalon Meta secured $420,000 led by Peerplays

Avalon Meta, a startup that combines higher education and competitive gaming, has now secured $420000 led by the PeerPlays, a Blokchcian based gaming company, in a strategic capacity along with the Purvi Capital, and some other individual high net investors.
The startup is run by the digital services company Avalon Labs, which was founded in 2017 by the Shashank, Abhinav, and Varun.
“Peerplays has become the leading name in blockchain gaming worldwide,” says Peerplays Founder Jonathan Baha’i.
“Unlike the plethora of bootcamps out there, our thoughts are that education will eventually become commoditised and educational content will have an effective price of zero in the future. Most courses barely manage a five percent user retention, which is why we decided to turn higher education into a game. Not gamify an existing solution, but make a full-fledged, proper game,” says Varun, CEO of Avalon Meta.
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