Zvesta secured $5.5M from Hindustan Media Ventures

Zvesta, a Gurgaon based prop-tech startup, has now secured funding of $5.5 million in the funding round of Series A led by the Hindustan Media Ventures Limited.
The startup revealed that it would use the funds to build its brand and collaborative marketing for the real estate aggregation across the country.
Its main focus is on building alliances and partnerships across India, thus strengthening through its technology product.
Piyush Gupta, Group CFO, HT Media Limited, said,
“Zvesta’s real estate search engine and the database on which they are working is laying a foundation for homeowners, buyers, sellers, renters, real estate agents, landlords, and property managers to discover and maintain vital information about homes, real estate, transactions, and home improvement.”
Zvesta offers a SaaS platform for the buyers, sellers, brokers, and developers to search, listing, advertising, selling, buying, and renting out various other properties under the respective category of commercial, residential, land, and plots.
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