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Benefits of Running Multi-Channel Campaigns on a Single Platform

Marketing can sure take your business a long way! Every marketer knows the complex process and is constantly seeking solutions to simplify their work. Many companies have settled on finding multiple solutions and are now finding it difficult to keep track or several ongoing activities.

Instead, go for an option that instead allows you to run a number of campaigns on a single platform to perform for:

  • Online advertising
  • Direct mail
  • Email marketing
  • Push Notifications
  • Sales Activities & Lead management

DID YOU KNOW: Organizations that plan omnichannel customer engagement strategies retain an average of 89% customers.

Why is Multi-Channel Marketing Important?

If you are a Small or Medium sized business just starting on your digital journey, you must already know that business giants run multi-channel ads and are all over the web!

To begin with, know that ads over just one channel will do no good. And when you are starting multi-channel campaigns, use a single platform to run the entire show.

Benefits of Multi-Channel Marketing with ADOHM

About 90% of customers expect consistent ads across channels for easier availability. Yes, this is exactly what customers are seeking. With ADOHM’s platform you can run multiple parallel campaigns and reach your desired audience over various mediums.

While reaching the maximum number of audience is important, ADOHM ensures that you reach quality audience for every campaign. This solution by ADOHM therefore allows you to run any number of campaigns which is desirable today by most marketers and sales professionals.

Streamlining sales and marketing activities on a unified solution is the need of the hour and of course, the years to come. With ADOHM you can:

  • Understand complex consumer Data to strategize marketing
  • Create segmented lists based on data insights
  • Run multiple email campaigns at once
  • Send Push notifications to prospects
  • Plan and Schedule Remarketing Ads
  • Automate all of the Above!
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