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It is difficult to imagine an apartment or house without soft bath towels in the bathroom. They are used to wipe the water off the body or to blot hair after bathing. The comfort of showering or bathing directly depends on the quality of bathroom textiles. Therefore, the best bath towel sets always come useful and can be considered a profitable investment.

A wide range of such products is offered by Linens & Hutch. They provide sets of cotton towels made from high-quality certified fabrics. Accurate sewing and reasonable prices are guaranteed.

Product characteristics

стек полотенец на вешалке

A set of bath towels of different colors and sizes can be found in every home since such products are used daily. A high level of moisture absorption and softness are the main advantages of high-quality towels.

Bathroom textiles may differ in:

  • material 

  • color

  • size

Soft and delicate Linens & Hutch’s towels made from cotton are universal. Due to the environmental and allergy-friendliness, a set of cotton bath towels is suitable for adults and children. They absorb water well while causing no irritation and accumulating no static.

Cotton towels do not require much care and can withstand up to 500 washes. However, they become stiffer after each cleaning cycle. In addition, it takes them quite a long time to dry.

Main selection criteria

синяя стеклянная бутылка рядом с белым полотенцем

There are many factors that consumers need to consider when buying a set of bath towels for a family. The key one is the density of the fabric. 

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Experts also recommend paying attention to the following parameters:

  • hygroscopicity of the product;

  • allergy-friendliness of the used fabrics and dyes;

  • textile softness (the pile of a new towel should not be too hard);

  • overall durability;

  • resistance to wear and frequent washing.

Linens & Hutch provides all the required information to clients to assist them in choosing the best possible products.

Bath towels are regularly exposed to friction, moisture, and household chemicals. Therefore, it is better to order textiles from wear-resistant natural materials, such as cotton. It is easy to wash, and it dries quickly while maintaining the original look and brightness of the colors.

Many customers are guided by another criterion – the cost of products. The Linens & Hutch store offers the best prices for bathroom textiles. Customers can buy a set of bath towels of different colors and sizes without extra charges and overpayments.

Just visit the online store and choose those options that you like most.

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