5 Business opportunities for entrepreneurs with a passion for sport

Business opportunities for entrepreneurs with a passion for sport

Succeeding as an entrepreneur needs more than a good business brain and a solid work ethic, important though they might be. The most successful startups are driven by passion and enthusiasm for what you are doing, especially if you are a construction cost estimator. It’s fair to say, therefore, that when starting a business, it needs to be in a sector that genuinely fires your enthusiasm.  

There are plenty of people in India, and indeed the rest of the world, who live and breathe sport. If you fall into that category, there are more opportunities today than ever to turn that passion into a money spinner.   

delhi still holds many business opportunities to explore -

Blogging / affiliates  

Plenty of fans blog about their favourite sport or team these days. Monetizing a sports blog can mean lots of work for scant rewards initially, but if you work on it, the more traffic you get, the greater the opportunities. Ads are one method you can use, but the best opportunities lie in affiliate marketing, especially if you can start building relationships with the sports betting providers. A quick look at ( shows that there are a lot of providers out there. It’s a competitive market like no other, and the affiliate deals can be seriously lucrative.   

the real purpose of blogging for your business - clickfirst marketing


Show me the money! If you have a passion for PR and think you could be the next Jerry Maguire, there’s greater demand and more opportunities now than there were 25 years ago when the movie was released. This is, after all, the age of social media, influencer marketing and so on. Today’s top athletes can become successful brands in their own right, but only if they have the right support behind them.   

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Everyone has a camera on his or her smartphone these days. But getting the right picture at the right moment is a special talent. Getting recognized by the big publications that will pay serious money can take time, but once you get your foot in the door, you are set. A good entry point is in the amateur or youth leagues, where proud parents will willingly purchase a photo of their youngster scoring a goal or playing a booming cover drive.   

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bored at home photography ideas! - youtube

Personal training  

The beauty of this vocation is that there is genuine demand at all levels, from amateur to the very top. If you’ve a passion for health and fitness, and have perhaps some experience in coaching or working as a trainer in a gym, it is a relatively easy step to go it alone with a sports specialism. As well as work-out style training, you’ll also need to know plenty about areas like nutrition and injury recovery, so be prepared to keep learning as you develop your business.  

the role of a personal trainer


This is a step beyond the sports blogging we mentioned earlier, but the two can be combined. Live streams, podcasts and video resources are in big demand for the major sports. Again like the blog, you’ll need to be prepared to start small, but with good content, you’ll get more traffic and suddenly the money-making opportunities will start coming to you instead of you looking for them.  

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