5 Marketing Tips Before Going Live on Instagram

5 Marketing Tips Before Going Live on Instagram

Keeping up with the frequent updates and additions to social media may be tough these days.

Instagram has grown to become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, and Instagram Live videos are one of the most recent additions.

But, as any social media guru will tell you, it’s not just about understanding how to use social media; it’s about knowing how to use it effectively.

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To make the most out of Instagram and gain Instagram followers, you can always buy Instagram views. 

If you’re a marketer trying to reach your target demographic, this means you’ll almost certainly find them on Instagram. During the COVID-19 isolation, one recent study discovered a 76% spike in daily cumulative likes on Instagram ad postings.

Instagram Live is a fantastic way to gain new followers, connect with existing ones, and even sell things.

How does Instagram Live function and what is it?

Instagram Live is a function that can be found within the Instagram app. The Instagram Stories feature includes these videos as a sub-section.

Instagram Live videos are streamed live and in the moment, unlike Instagram Stories, which might feature photos or videos that you’ve shot and shared later.

However, Instagram Live does not allow for retakes, which might make your first broadcast seem quite intimidating.

These videos are comparable to a video chat or video call, with the exception that the Instagram Live video is broadcast to anybody who clicks on your Story icon, rather than a single person.

Click your profile image to access the Instagram Live feature, or swipe right on the homepage to reach the Instagram Stories section.

A list of alternatives should appear at the bottom of your screen. Find “Live” by scrolling through these choices.

The Instagram Live page may be found here. Click the big “Go Live” button when you’re ready to get started.

Before You Go Live on Instagram, Here Are Some Marketing Pointers

We need to speak about how to generate high-quality content so that you’re ready to go live and engage your audience now that we’ve reviewed what Instagram Live is and why it may be a great tool for your marketing.

  • Promote the Instagram Live Event on social media

To improve attendance and generate interest for your Instagram Live video, let people know about it ahead of time.

Make a notice on your social media networks about the impending event. This will aid you to gain more Instagram followers so that people receive an update whenever you are going live. 

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It is indeed a perfect time to ask your followers if they have any questions or recommendations for Instagram Live, and it also gives them the opportunity to jot down the date and time so they don’t forget to check in.

To increase the number of views on your live, you can buy Instagram followers

  • Prepare your questions ahead of time

If you don’t ask, you’ll never know. Inquire of your audience about what they’d want to see in future video material.

Take their suggestions into account, and follow up with them over time to gain a feel of what works and what needs to be tweaked.

Asking fans to submit their pressing questions ahead of a Q&A-style Instagram Live is also a good idea.

This will help you build a bank of questions to utilise in the future to help you avoid awkward silences and prepare your responses ahead of time.

  • Maintain Your Brand’s Standards

Sticking to your brand rules while creating Instagram Live videos is just as important as sticking to your other communications initiatives.

Each of these small elements, from the colours and emblems used to the way your host speaks, contributes to the overall impression of your business.

That concept has the potential to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Following the brand standards ensures that the viewer has a consistent experience across all channels and mediums via which they interact with the company.

  • Be genuine as well as knowledgeable

Another of the nicest features of Instagram Live is that it allows your followers to get to know your brand’s genuine personality, not simply what you’re selling. While presenting a clean and happy experience is vital, avoid going into robot territory.

Your audience wants to connect with another person, so be yourself and break down those barriers.

14 Tips That Will Help You Master Instagram Live - Social Media Strategies Summit Blog

This is not the moment to read from a script or act like a salesperson; instead, people want to see you in person because they want to see a real person.

People need genuine, honest human connection even if it has to be gotten through their iPhone screen, especially in times like today when we’re socially separating.

  • Finish with a call to action

What’s the best way to conclude an Instagram Live? Thank your co-host and say “goodbye!” at the conclusion of the Q&A. Nope! Always finish your Instagram Live with a call to action that links back to your pre-planned goals.

It’s important to achieve your main aim and encourage your live attendees to perform a desired action, whether it’s something as easy as following your account or something more complicated like filling out a form.

Try to ensure your CTA does not come off as too salesy or aggressive, and that it is centred on a practical action that you anticipate guests doing.

How to Go Live on Instagram: 5 Top Ideas to Use in 2021

Final Thoughts

Despite the fact that Instagram Live is growing more popular, many streams are impulsive or miss opportunities to engage fans effectively.

If you prepare ahead for your live video and come from a place of quality, you’ll be able to cut through the clutter and interact with your audience more successfully or else you can always buy Instagram views.

This will in turn assist you to gain more Instagram followers. 

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