Another lockdown due to Covid-19 on the way? An alarming rise in the number of cases, witnessing nearly 48% rise in home isolation

Another lockdown due to Covid-19 on way

Shockingly New Delhi has been witnessing an alarming rise in the daily Covid-19 cases in the past few days. But, at the same time, the positivity rate has been registered more than 1 per cent since April, when it has stood at 1.34 per cent.

Is it the time for another lockdown? Is it again a scenario where people will suffer for wanting to live a good life? Aren’t the doses of free vaccines working for the betterment of the citizens? An alarming rise is seen in the coronavirus cases, and the positivity rate goes beyond 2. The national capital is setting an example again, with a nearly 48% rise in the home isolation cases in the previous week. Is it pointing toward our government’s careless attitude, which removed all the guidelines? 


Is it the time again when we all should gear up for another phase of lockdown and the 4th wave of Covid-19? Although, no official confirmation has been released on the scenario yet, the quick rise in the number of cases is taking to headlines by storm, highlighting another need for a lockdown. People, in general, fear that the 4th wave of Covi-19 might have entered the national capital as they witness these scary developments and hammering rise in cases. 


According to the calculated and observed data, the total number of isolation cases stood at 574 on Thursday. On the other hand, 325 new coronavirus cases were marked with a total positivity rate of 2.39 per cent. These times are forcing people to recall the early days of Covid-19 when it just took the virus a few days, to spread to such an extent that it caused the death of many. 

Similarly, the daily Covid-19 cases have been spiking at higher rates than earlier. In addition, the Covid positivity rate in New Delhi has made a spiking hike up from 0.57 per cent on April 1 to 2.39 per cent on April 14. The total number of home isolation cases has shown an upward trend in the last week.

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Covid-19 cases in New Delhi 

The national capital with a large population residing, reported 146 new cases on April 8 with a positivity rate of 1.39 per cent, and 388 patients were under home isolation, as per the data shared by city health department authorities.

The home isolation cases have steadily spiked during this period and increased to 574 on April 14. Briefing about the corresponding figures on April 11 was 447, and on April 13, it had stood at 504. A rise of nearly 48 per cent in the home isolation was observed in the cases from the past week. 


However, it was also a relief to hear from the experts who were dealing with the coronavirus that it was not a panic situation for the people because the daily cases were still low. However, they have cautioned against dropping the guard. History repeats itself, and what if the same happens again?

Is the government working on changing the guidelines for Covid-19?

The situation has unexpectedly changed, and just a few days ago, the government in New Delhi removed the fine from the mask rule. So, even if you are travelling without a mask, no charges will impose on you. But was it a good decision? It sure does not seem like it.


Is it, once again, time for all the educational institutions to shut down? Who is responsible for this unexpected rise, the government or the citizens, in increasing Covid-19 cases? The situation is concerning and needs more action, and the government must take some significant and crucial steps to reduce cases at this stage.

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