CUET UG Result Out; Know about the Preference filling for DU Admission 2022

CUET UG Result Out; Know What’s Next, Information on Preference Filling for DU Admission 2022

When admitted, candidates can choose the programmes to which they would like to be admitted through DU’s preference-filling process.

Today, September 16, the Common Universities Entrance Test Undergraduate (CUET UG) 2022 results were released by the National Testing Agency (NTA). Delhi University (DU) has started the preference-filling process following the release of the CUET UG 2022 results, allowing applicants to choose the programmes to which they would like to be admitted should they be selected. The final day to complete the preferences at DU has not been made public.

The Common Seat Allocation System (CSAS) 2022 dashboard must be accessed by candidates to enter their preferences for programmes and college pairings for each programme selected.

DU stated in a statement, “Candidates have to show their preferences. His or her most recent saved preference order will be automatically locked and worked, the basis for allocating seats for such a candidate if confirmation is not received by the deadline “.

DU colleges will establish a Grievance Redressal Committee to address concerns brought up during the admissions process. The candidate may seek the Central Grievance Redressal Committee of Delhi University if the College does not resolve it in a period.

Preference Filling Process for DU Admission 2022: Program Selection

University of Delhi DU

Candidates must log in and visit the CSAS dashboard. The applicant must choose every UG programme into which they wish to be admitted. Candidates can choose whichever many programmes they want to enrol in.

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Program-Specific CUET Merit Score Confirmation

Qualified students must verify their CUET scores.

Program and College Preference Selection

Because the order of selection determines the order of preference, the candidate must be attentive when choosing the programmes and college combinations. The candidate has the option of prioritising the best order. The distribution of seats will be based on the given desired order.

Combining BA Programs: Choosing

206 different Bachelor of Arts (BA) programme combinations are available at different DU colleges. Candidates for the BA programme must carefully choose their combinations and rank their preferences in that order.

Approval of the Preferences

The candidate must click “submit” on or before the deadline to verify the order of their preferences. Before the deadline, the candidate may rearrange their preferences for the selected combinations. When the deadline arrives, the last saved preference order will be locked automatically if a candidate does not submit their preferences.

If several students receive the same CUET score, how will the merit be determined?

To break ties, Delhi University developed a set of standards based on class 12 grades. the applicant with the higher percentage of overall Class XII marks shall be given preference where two or more candidates have the same CUET (UG) – 2022 merit score for a programme plus college combination. Age will start to matter and the older applicant will be given preference if the tie is not broken.

Will students have the option to enrol in a different college in the following allocation rounds after receiving provisional admission in the first round?

After that, candidates will have the option of changing a college or course that is higher on their list. If the higher preference is granted, candidates must consent to the altered allocation; if not, their former provisional admission would be abruptly withdrawn. If a candidate receives their first preference in the first round of allocation, they will not be fit for the better option. Candidates who are happy with their first allocation may decide to do this to “freeze” their admission. They won’t be able to change in the next allocation rounds.

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Will the organisation do athletic and ECA testing before admitting students?

Yes. After October 10, the university will probably host ECA and athletic trials.

How would the ECA category of admission work?

University of Delhi DU CUET

14 ECA Categories, further broken down into subcategories, are available at the university. A candidate may apply for up to three ECA categories, and to be considered for one, the candidate must have received at least 30 out of a possible 75 ECA Scores. Allocation will be based on Combined ECA Merit (CEM), which will take into consideration 75% of the candidate’s top ECA score and 25% of the candidate’s highest program-specific CUET percentage score across all programmes to which they have applied.

What about the sports quota for admission?

In several colleges at the organisation, there are 26 sports and games for men and 27 for women. The allocation will be based on combined sports merit (CSM), which will consider 25% of the highest program-specific CUET percentage score across all programmes the candidate had applied to + 25% of the highest graded merit sports certificate + 50% of the highest score attained in the sports trials in which the candidate had participated.

During the admissions cycle, will there be spot admissions?

To fill open seats, the university may make announcements about spot rounds. Candidates can participate in the process by selecting the option on their student dashboard on CSAS if they were not admitted to college as of the date the spot admission round was announced. The organisation will display the open seats for each programme for each spot admission cycle. A student who is allowed has the option of choosing one course.

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