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Did Ajit Pawar ask “to go slow” on the Pune Porsche incident? How 1 accident revealed the corruption racket of the rich and the powerful 

An interconnected web of corruption and bribery exposed by the Pune Porsche incident


An accident took place on May 19 in Pune, Maharashtra that resulted in the death of two young IT Professionals. The car was allegedly being driven by a drunk seventeen year old boy who is the son of an affluent builder with strong political ties. This one accident has revealed a chain of judicial discrepancies and how deeply corruption has penetrated each and every official department of the nation. 

In a recent investigation it was found that Vishal Agarwal, father of the suspect, had called an MLA 45 times within 2 hours after the accident took place. The MLA is Sunil Tingre of the Nationalist Congress Party of Maharashtra

The MLA’s role in the accident and tampering of the evidence are still being probed by Pune police. Keeping that in mind, listed below are several instances that indicate an interference from the MLA’s side: 


  • Police have found messages and calls on WhatsApp that were made to the doctors of Sassoon hospital, the place where the suspect’s blood samples were sent for verification of whether he was under influence while he was driving. 
  • MLA Tingre has been seen visiting the Yerwada Police Station after the May 19 accident. Though the reason for his visit has been revealed, people suspect that foul play is at work behind the visitations. 
  • According to Tingre himself, the suspect’s father was his former employer after he finished his engineering. Therefore the MLA and the builder have been old acquaintances. 
  • A recommendation letter from Sunil Tingre has been found that requested the Minister of Medical Education to appoint Dr. Ajay Taware as the medical superintendent of Sassoon Hospital. 


This last point is especially crucial because this is the same doctor who has been arrested for throwing away the suspects and blood sample and replacing it with someone else. 

Moreover when the MLA wrote the recommendation letter for Dr. Taware, he was known for his corrupted past in the medical department. He had been removed from his post several times due to some reason or the other. 

First he was removed because of an alleged organ transplant scam that was revealed under him, when a woman said that she was promised money if she donated her kidney pretending to be the recipient’s wife. 

Then again he was expelled after family members of a deceased patient claimed that his death was caused due to rat bites in the hospital itself. 

Even after all these incidents and several expulsions later, Dr. Taware was again made the Head of Forensics department when he allegedly pressured another doctor under him to throw away the minor suspect’s blood samples. 

It has now been found that the blood samples belonged to a woman and likely belong to the accused’s mother. 

Many big names have been attached to this rapidly unfolding case in which the suspect was made to write an essay and then let go within 15 hours of arrest on May 19 by the Juvenile Justice Board, even after killing two people. 

One of the biggest names that has been attached to the case is that of Ajit Pawar. As per reports, the leader of NCP has called the police commissioner and asked him to “go slow” on the accused after his arrest. 

Mr. Pawar however, denied these reports and said that he has called the police commissioner but not for any kind of interference in the case. Rather, he said to the commissioner that the police force might be pressured given that  the accused is from an affluent family. 

The question that arises against this excuse is that Ajit Pawar is one of the most powerful men of Maharashtra. So why is he cautioning the police about potential pressures, when he could take matters into his own hands and fight for victims’ justice? 

Apart from that, MLA Sunil Tingre, who has been alleged to be one of the major reasons for the mis-direction that the incident had first taken, is a member of NCP. As of yet Ajit Pawar has not taken any action against the MLA, nor has any given statement for any potential reprimand. 

The leader of NCP has not even spoken about the link between the corrupt Dr. Taware and how he was promoted despite his tumultuous medical background under the recommendation of the MLA. 

Meanwhile, Congress chief of Maharashtra Nana Patole has accused Sassoon Hospital for being “a five star hotel for criminals”. This hospital is one of Pune’s largest and iconic hospitals but corruption malpractices related to a kidney scam, drug bust and the latest mis-handling of the blood sample has been detrimental to its goodwill. 

It has also been found that in exchange for tampering with samples Dr. Taware and two doctors under him were offered huge sums of bribe. 

About the whole web of bribery and lies that has been concocted and now revealed, Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde said that, “No matter how rich or poor a person is, the law is equal for all and no one will be spared”. 

These are some of the recent developments that were found in the Pune Porsche case. But as justice still awaits for the victims, the detrimental state of India’s politics, the power of the rich and the clutches of corruption are all out in the open for everyone to see. 


Anwesha Dash
Anwesha Dash
I am a journalist seeking to bridge the gap between knowledge and ignorance to forge a path of truth.


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