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Did you Know About the Different Types of Mobile Apps in India

Nowadays using mobile phones has become very common. In today’s time everyone uses mobile. Many applications are used on mobile. As soon as he wakes up in the morning, he starts running with the mobile in his hand. We do a lot of activities on mobile such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gmail, we run. Sometimes read news online and sometimes watch videos on YouTube. They keep doing a lot of activities like this from their mobile. We do the activity through the mobile application itself.

If we see, we will find that many applications come every day. That’s why the demand for mobile applications and their developers is increasing day by day. Do you know how the mobile applications we use are made? Probably a lot of people would have known about it. But today we will not see about it. Do you know how many types of mobile apps there are? Today we will explain the different types of mobile apps.

3 Major Types of Mobile Apps in the Market

  • Native Apps

Native app, as the name suggests, is native to only one platform, which means that this application is made keeping in mind only one platform or operating system. Native apps will only work on one operating system for which they are built. Mobile operating systems such as Android, Apple iOS or Windows phone. If the application is made for Android, then it will work only in Android and others will not.

The technology used in the native app is also native. Native apps use different programming like java, c++, objective c, python etc…

Twitter, Spotify and PokeMon Go etc are all the famous examples of Native Apps.

In the later part of the article you will also read that many apps like Twitter come under a hybrid app category instead since it is developed using React Native.

  • Web Apps

The web app is built using web technology. This application is opened through a web browser. There is no need to download or install this application on mobile. If you want to save this application, then you have to keep it bookmarked in the browser. This application works only when there is internet.

The web app will work in your mobile as well as in the PC’s web browser. This application is specially made from programming languages ​​like CSS, HTML, Javascript, JQuery etc.

Most of the apps that we use these days are web apps for example Gmail, Netflix or any betting apps that you might be using for that matter.

Betting apps can be considered to be a very recent and interesting example in this category since betting apps are new in India. A lot of popular betting sites have their betting apps available in India, and since most of them originate from the web version of the betting sites the apps are sort of web apps.

  • Hybrid Apps

Hybrid App Like the name says is a mix of native app and web app. This app has been made by combining two technologies. However, this is a web application that has been built inside the native app.

In this app, a mixture of HTML, Objective C, React-Native, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery etc. is made from the programming language.

Although hybrid apps are kind of an overlap of both Native and Web Apps it is understandable that the examples in this category can be most of the apps like Twitter, Discord, Instagram etc.

You can always read more about types of betting apps and how to distinguish Native from Hybrid and WebApps here!



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