Discovering Dark Web Businesses That Happen Everyday

Discovering Dark Web Businesses That Happen Everyday

The term ‘dark web’ is generally considered ominous for good reasons. It is possible to access dark web places by using a program that identifies hidden sites on the internet that can’t be accessed with regular browsers. Known as ‘Dark Webs,’ these sites enable businesses and individuals to purchase illegal drugs, guns, and other criminal goods anonymously.

The dark web is used for what kind of business? In your mind, you probably think of stolen company data, pirated software, and password lists when you think about Dark markets. Despite its popularity, the Dark Web isn’t a complete picture – and what you don’t know could lead to the next attack. Check out how the Dark Web works in “real life.”

Imagine you need money one fine day. Even the most complex situations can’t stop you from getting the money you need. You offer your assistance to a friend who knows you are a skilled hacker. The dark web is a better choice than lending you money. This way, he can earn money since he knows the dark web. 

Although you are aware that this is a potential source of income, why not learn more about the dark web? Also, you are curious about how India regulates the dark web and whether accessing it is legal? The goal is to avoid problems in the future and earn money simultaneously.

What is Dark Web?

the dark web: what small business owners need to know

On the dark web, you can buy or sell almost anything. Drugs, guns, fake money, Netflix accounts, and credit card details are among the items available for sale and purchase on the dark web.

Moreover, some programs allow you to log in to other people’s computers. Data, passwords, and hacking services aren’t the only services sold by dark web sellers. Weapons, drugs, stolen goods, plunderer artefacts, illegal commodities, endangered animals, enslaved people, and child pornography are dangerous, unlawful, and nasty entities you will not see on the open market.

Criminals do not exclusively use the dark web. Besides out-of-print books and mainstream news reporting, you can find out-of-print books online as well. Several whistleblower websites have been set up to expose corporate and government corruption using this site, and journalists often use it to conceal their sources.

How long has India considered the dark web illegal?

The dark web isn’t illegal; however, it isn’t legal. That’s what I’ve explained to you so far. Various activities can land you in jail, like child pornography, buying guns, pistols, rifles, drugs, etc. 

An analogy will help illustrate my point. Let’s clarify that access to the dark web is not illegal. However, you can still get jailed. While using the dark web, the activity or intent of a person is considered. In the end, it determines whether you are going to face legal issues or you are free to use it without facing any difficulty. 

The analogy goes as follows. Owning and carrying a licensed gun is not illegal at home, and however, it would be prohibited with the same weapon if you shot someone. Depending on the section you are charged under, you will face a Section 307 or a Section 324 charge.   

You are also responsible for the legality of using the dark web. Doing illegal things violates the law. You will not be protected from your sins in India by the law. When you promote or watch child pornography, for example, you indulge yourself. Is this what you’re trying to prevent? But we can’t help you. India considers the dark web illegal, so it is a crime in this sense. 

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Drugs, guns, pistols, and other illegal items are prohibited from being traded. Using the dark web involves understanding a fine line between what is ‘legal’ and ‘illegal’. It can be dangerous to engage in legal activities when it crosses the line. Moreover, they are oblivious that they have committed a mistake. Therefore, it is necessary to use the dark web with caution wherever one is located. 

So, after determining what the dark web is legal and illegal, let’s have some legal know-how and see what sections of the law may charge you for different acts of incivility.

What is considered to be illegal while using dark web business? 

dark web definition

Under Section 67(B) of the Information Technology Act, 2000, and Sections 14 and 15 of the POCSO Act, 2012, child pornography is a serious crime punishable by law. Pornography crimes against children are covered exclusively in these sections.

Besides this, the Indian Penal Code, 1860, has provisions regarding crimes against girls. An individual who induces, forces, or seduces a minor girl for illicit intercourse is liable for imprisonment of up to ten years and may also be responsible for a fine under section 366(A). 

A girl can be bought or sold for prostitution under sections 372 and 373 of the Indian Penal Code. Such illegal activities have taken place in the past, and such actions could be considered human trafficking directly or indirectly. Trafficking in human beings is unlawful. 

Child pornography and other illegal activities are commonly committed on the dark web. When you are caught encouraging such behaviour, you significantly endanger yourself. Promoting illegal materials is also illegal, promoting child pornography, buying guns, and taking drugs. 

Anyone who deals with narcotic drugs outside India is liable for punishment under the Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985. Suppose someone engages in external drug dealing on the dark internet. In that case, that is certainly punishable, even if the dark internet is not illegal, but it is a crime you commit that is prohibited. Remember the case where five students were arrested as they bought LSD dots drugs.

Stopping illegal activities on is the way to go

what is log4j? an expert explains the latest internet vulnerability | business standard news

India’s lack of strong laws cannot be denied. However, the enforcement of many of these laws remains problematic. An overall legislative policy is necessary. In India, although it is not easy to control the activities of citizens, it is possible to control their access to the dark web because this is the only way to keep track of illegal activities.

There remains much work to be done to control the activities of people in India. There are no laws in India that specifically govern VPN use, and the following countries have enacted similar legislation. 

VPN services are entirely banned in Iraq, Turkmenistan, and Belarus. 

VPN access is restricted in UAE, Russia, and China. Access is limited to banks and similar organizations in the UAE, but individuals heavily use it. Only those approved by the government may use these services in China and Russia. 

Additionally, it is suggested that India implement a ban on free VPNs. According to CyberBlogIndia, the government should create a mandatory charge for VPN registration under Chapter-VI of the Information Technology Act, 2000.

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Dark Web illegal items business

sweeping dark web takedown by international law enforcement puts 179 vendors out of business - cpo magazine

  • Drugs

Drugs are most commonly purchased on the dark web. Silk Road is a good example: On Tor, it’s the first port of call for searching illegal substances. However, it wasn’t always like this-Silk Road was shut down in 2013 for the original version. Several reports about shady business being conducted under its name led to the FBI taking action after the only one-year operation, which led to an investigation into multiple crimes committed against users and buyers.

  • Firearms

According to a study by Rand Corporation, it’s relatively easy to find firearms for sale on the dark web, with 60 per cent of all items coming from the US. As a result of their five-fold higher revenues than the US, Europe is a larger market than America. Domestically and internationally, Europe has an ample supply of goods.

  • Password and Usernames for Streaming sites

Many of the most popular streaming services have their passwords available on dark websites. This information is sold to cyber criminals so people who do not want to pay for subscriptions can use it instead. Various platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime, and others allow for the sharing of usernames and passwords.

  • Credit And Debit Card Details

Crimes involving credit and debit cards are committed by selling the information to others. It is common for them to take advantage of these numbers by charging something without permission, such as online shopping platforms or using them for unauthorized withdrawals and payments. Reports from Gemini Advisory show that 115 million debit cards and credit cards were stolen and posted to the dark web in 2020.

  • Bank Account Details

According to the survey by Cyber Shadows, over 15 billion pieces of financial account information are currently being sold on online marketplaces. The research suggests that about one-quarter of the online ads relate to banking and financial accounts.

The fraudsters may cause a lot of damage to your bank account after purchasing your information. They can use your account for purchases and quickly deplete your savings or checking account.

  • Legitimacy

People want to remain anonymous online for a variety of reasons. Online searches are increasingly being conducted using Tor and other anonymous internet browsers. The importance of keeping consumers’ search habits private will become apparent as more consumers receive tailored ads based on their web searches.

  • Threat Intelligence

Dark Web exchanges also facilitate collaboration and information sharing. Professional hackers frequently discuss hacking methods in chat rooms. Listening to these chats can help security analysts stay updated with emerging threats.

Many firms use threat intelligence and mitigation platforms to monitor and analyze assaults. The information obtained from the Dark Web can prevent attacks on their assets and applications and keep track of new vulnerabilities being marketed in underground markets.

  • Dark Analytics

While organizations seeking unindexed data from the Dark Web face risks, using the anonymity benefits to study unstructured, buried, or unprocessed data provides access to previously untapped business, consumer, and operational insights.

In the same way that security organizations monitor protected networks for dangerous intelligence, companies have developed new search tools targeting scientific research, activist data, and even hobbyist forums.

The Dark Web contains dark data, as well as other places. Businesses are discovering ways to harness this trove of untapped information from various sources to make smarter decisions.

India’s laws on accessing the dark web

It is legal to access the dark web in India, and using it is not illegal. The dark web is described above, along with how it works. As a result, we learned that India considers dark web access legal. 

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The dark web can be used for more than just criminal activity, as is commonly thought. However, that statement is only partially true. There are numerous benefits to using the dark web. Activists, journalists, and other government agencies use the dark web for legitimate purposes to trace crime, like reading books, gaining information, and having private chats that they don’t want other people to see. 

The question then arises: why isn’t the website banned in India if illegal activities occur, such as drug trafficking and child pornography?

Why the dark web is legal in India

India allows access to the dark web. As long as you are using TOR, Freenet, etc., it is not considered illegal by the Indian government. Nonetheless, you aren’t free to do whatever you please. Dark web users must adhere to a few rules.

It is important to remember that one wrong click on the dark web can lead to your death if you decide to enter this web world. The shadiest crimes usually occur on the dark web, and you can tell the difference between legal and illegal activities while using the dark web.

Does the dark web help law enforcement agencies to enforce the law?

Additionally, under Article 21 of the Indian Constitution, we have the right to access the internet, and the court considers this right to be the infrastructure of freedom of speech. As a result, we cannot prevent someone from accessing the website because we would be putting their freedom of expression at risk. 

Since accessing the dark web in India is legal, law enforcement agencies are faced with special challenges. In addition, cyberspace is not governed in India with stringent laws. 

The dark web poses specific challenges due to the laws of our country having so many loopholes. There are only six sections of the Information Technology Act, 2000, in India, dealing with cybercrimes. 

The majority of people tend to click on the links they come across while surfing the web. However, using the dark web carelessly is not recommended. It’s easy to get in trouble by clicking on a single link. Five Mumbai students were arrested while dealing with the purchase of illegal drugs on the dark web, according to a report by the Indian Express. These five students purchased 1,400 LSD dots valued at 70 lakhs. 

In collaboration with a dark web cartel from a western European country, their US friend, a member of a dark web syndicate, placed an order for them. It was delivered to Mumbai, the address provided by a US friend. Even though the parcels were delivered, the students were arrested due to the complex structure of the dark web version, according to Mumbai DCP (Anti Narcotics Cell) Shivdeep Lande. The system also offers a great deal of anonymity, making it difficult to trace criminals. 

US Naval Research laboratory employees created the dark web to protect US intelligence communications in the mid-1990s. Although it was initially built with good intention, it became, in the later stages, a place where criminals could carry out their ill-minded activities. 


Security leaders must understand Dark Web users, why they use it, and how it impacts company security. The corner also contains plenty of legal information that you might find interesting, and getting anonymous medical advice on the dark web is a great idea.


Article Proofread & Published by Gauri Malhotra.

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