Do People like to gamble in Ireland?

Do People like to gamble in Ireland?top 5 popular casino games in ireland -

Online sports betting, whatever the type, is very popular with fans worldwide, and it wouldn’t be any different in Ireland.


Betting on football and horse racing are among the favorites of the local public. However, Irish bookmakers offer an incredible range of sports. You can see the list on the website To fully answer the title question, we spoke to sports betting expert Kate Richardson. You can see Kate’s work at this link.


And we can say that yes, not only the Irish, but also the Australians, especially on online new betting sites australia. Australians, along with the Irish, like to bet and as right, cautious. But you too can try your luck and place a few bets.


The most popular football competition in Ireland

The so-called League of Ireland, which is also known colloquially as the Irish Premier League, comprises the two top two divisions in Ireland. Both the first and second league games are played in this football league.


19 clubs from the Republic of Ireland and one club from the United Kingdom (Northern Ireland) take part in the game. In addition to the classic championship operation and the places in the table, there has also been a fight for a separate league cup since 1973.


Unlike other major associations, this league is played according to the calendar year. The champion is determined in classic league mode between the teams in the Premier Division.


The teams in the First Division play for promotion to the higher class just mentioned. The last one in the table descends. The first of the lower division always rises directly.

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A relegation match will be played between the runners-up in the second league and the penultimate place in the first league. In the Premier Division, teams meet three times. Four times each in the First Division. The league was held for the first time in 1921/22.


Irish Premier League Sports Betting Tips

When it comes to betting in Ireland’s top leagues, you should also accumulate as much knowledge as possible. The more information you collect in advance, the better. If you want to get off to a flying start with your Irish Premier League betting, you should have the following teams on your screen.


The absolute top teams include the professional footballers of:

  1. Dundalk FC
  2. the Cork City boys
  3. Shamrocks Rovers.


In addition, the pros of Bohemians Dublin should not be missing from this list.


Apart from the team from Cork, we also talk about the three absolute record champions who have won the championship most often so far.


The second and third place is shared by the pros from Dundalk and Shelbourne with a total of 13 championship titles. The list is headed by the pros at Shamrock Rovers with a total of 17 titles.


If you’re going to place a long-term bet on top of the table in the future, these are the teams you should think about first. In the Irish league, however, there can always be surprises when it comes to championship titles. For long-term bets, you can expect quite balanced odds here.


Best Bonuses in Ireland

Really good betting sites in Ireland always want to set themselves apart from the competition with their offers. You will notice this, for example, in attractive sports betting bonus for your Irish Premier League bets.

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After all, you don’t want to be satisfied with an extensive portfolio. You want to receive free credit after your registration. And that is exactly what will happen if you register as a new customer with some of the best betting companies in ireland.


Some of the most common ones to find are the bonuses after your first deposit. However, there are some no deposit bonuses as well, where you just need to register and will win free bets and other types of bonuses.


A deposit bonus usually doubles your first deposit, so that you can hit the ground running with double the credit and thus place twice as many bets. Register with the bookmaker of your choice and secure a new customer bonus that suits you.



If you have read this guide carefully up to this point, you already have important knowledge. Because now you know some important things about bookmakers to bet on the Irish Premier League and also how to make bets on it.


Use the secure sports betting payout and deposit options, specially the option that is spread betting tax free in Ireland, and activate an attractive starter bonus directly.


At the website we suggested in the beginning of the article, you can see at a glance which bookie offers you which advantages. And now you choose one of the following providers based on your personal specifications.


There you will not only find the largest portfolio of Irish Premier League bets with the best odds, but also a complete offer that is guaranteed to convince you!

take the risk, but don't gamble


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