The compelling content of Jessi Park’s book “Soul Beneficiary” continues to impress readers

Her thoughtful writing and genuine desire to help people succeed in selling insurance have earned her a lot of attention.

The number of success stories in the insurance industry that we hear about only makes us wonder what is the secret of the 8% that succeed? There could be a multitude of factors, but the fact that a few of them work tirelessly towards their goals and, without blinking, continue to face the storms in order to emerge as true winners in life and inspire others has truly created some extraordinary success stories. Among them, Jessi Park’s contributions to the world of entrepreneurship in the insurance sector are nothing short of admirable.

However, her first and most recent book, “Soul Beneficiary,” has received widespread acclaim and praise, owing to her precise and knowledgeable writing skills, which ensure she creates compelling content that can easily connect and engage with her readers. Soul Beneficiary was only released a few weeks ago, but it’s already rocking the digital space with an increasing number of sales, quickly becoming a best-seller. It had achieved this status in just two days, propelling Jessi Park to the forefront as an incredible author and astute insurance entrepreneur.

The best-selling author discusses how selling insurance can be a lucrative career for many in the book, which is available on Amazon. The book serves as a trustworthy guide for many, explaining how she rose to the top and what lessons she learned along the way. It is all about changing people’s perspectives on selling insurance by taking readers on a journey with her to show them her daily grind and the mindset she developed to navigate her way to success, as well as providing the readers with the tools to succeed in the industry. Because she is the Founder and President of Inspired Insurance Solutions LLC, which has hundreds of agents across the United States, Jessi Park can reveal the secrets and explain everything in great detail. It has over 200 carriers for life, supplemental, health, group, Medicare, HMA, annuities, and other products.

Jessi Park is also respected as a keynote speaker, instilling more enthusiasm, energy, and motivation in others, ultimately inspiring them in more ways than one. 

To learn more, follow her on Instagram at @jessicristinaah.


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