Entrepreneur and MD of Enso Group Vaibhav Maloo speaks about the health benefits of swimming.

“Swimming as a hobby proves to be great for health,” he quotes.

The world has been a witness to the rise of so many sportspeople, athletes, and personalities. They could reach a prominent position in their careers, not just because they wanted to achieve success, but because they turned their hobbies into their passion and then worked day in and day out to hone more skills, practice the sport and get better each day to turn into successful names. This, directly or indirectly, has given them significant health benefits and improved their overall well-being. This is exactly what the multipreneur and Managing Director of a diverse enterprise based in Mumbai, India Enso Group named Vaibhav Maloo emphasizes on.


The young business personality who, most importantly, is also a sports and fitness lover says that swimming as a hobby can prove to be great for health. Speaking on the same, he says, “Swimming isn’t just about having fun; it is a great way to keep fit and healthy. It is an excellent physical activity that people can continue for a lifetime. Also, it is a low-impact activity having several physical and mental health benefits. However, people must first learn to swim and make sure to do it in a safe environment.”


Swimming has proved to be an excellent recreational activity for people belonging to all age groups, he says, and some can even turn their hobby into their profession by getting into competitive swimming. The list of health benefits of swimming is an extensive one, but he highlights a few, like it keeps up the heart rate but takes the impact stress off the body, and it helps in maintaining a healthy weight, heart, and lungs. It also helps in toning muscles and builds strength, builds endurance, and cardiovascular fitness, while also providing a full-body workout, as almost all muscles are used during swimming.


As a hobby, Vaibhav Maloo says, swimming gives people more relaxation and peace; it helps alleviate stress and even improves flexibility, coordination, posture, and balance.


“Swimming has proved to be a great physical fitness regime or a sport which people can continue as their hobby and in turn receive massive health benefits,” he quotes in the end.

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