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Government Has Failed Badly In The Education Industry & Ripped Off By Private Players

Government Has Failed Badly In The Education Industry & Ripped Off By Private Players

We are a country where everyone is aware of the benefits of education, so they want to educate their children to compete with the world. Nevertheless, many parents now send their children to fancy private schools due to ignorance of government schools. In recent years, Indian education has been towards business rather than education. Many private universities are offering various courses at very high fees. However, they do not provide quality education for everyone. 


In addition to the school fee, they can also charge for irrelevant things, such as extra classes, tuition fees, and school festivals. The cost of education and healthcare should be low in countries like India, where 37% live below the poverty line. An education geared towards business is not conducive to a nation’s growth as it cannot develop research and development skills among its students. 


This promotes a culture of earning rather than learning. Since all English medium schools are charging more from 1st grade onward, the education industry has become a business. At age 6, 1st graders cannot fully understand all the material they are taught. Generally speaking, schools only provide the bare minimum of facilities. They don’t offer advanced technology education or teaching.

Government Has Failed Badly In The Education Industry & Ripped Off By Private Players

Today, teachers ignore students who do not join their tuition because education has become a means of income in the modern era. Many schools, coaching classes, and universities have been built in remote areas to earn vast amounts of money, but the owners didn’t even realize that they were playing with the students’ future. 


In a job interview, people judge you not only by how talented you are but also by where you attended school. As a result of the money race, people have forgotten the meaning of proper education and are relying on television advertisements for their education. Those from the middle class and the poorer sections of society do not stand a chance. 


The expensive education system has stifled the dreams/goals of many deserving students. A government-funded education should be made available to them. The government can take many approaches to make sure deserving students get into quality colleges and earn a quality education. 


In the education industry, people who run it do not provide valuable knowledge and only want high amounts of money from their students. Educators and institutes no longer ask students about their skills and expertise. They are more interested in knowing about their family’s bank balance nowadays. As a result, today’s education industry seems to be only doing business and doesn’t see how they are destroying our future generation.

Government Has Failed Badly In The Education Industry & Ripped Off By Private Players

Since schools and colleges have made education a business, students aren’t getting the proper way to study. Since schools and colleges do not provide better education, it becomes complicated for the student to get a job. If we want to avoid this business education, we must prepare students for the future by giving them practical knowledge and developing skills. 


Students’ work toward their studies and behavior toward others should be the determining factors, not their background or their parents’ assets. Education ought to be a place where there is no politics, where we don’t decide for whom to vote. Education has been viewed as a business, from kindergarten to higher education


Although some institutions provide subsidized education and some provide quality education and justify the prices, both are few compared to the alarming increase in students who wish to attend these elite institutions. This money-centric education industry was created due to increased student numbers and the limited availability of seats. By not addressing this issue, we will invite trouble for future generations.


In the modern world, education has become a business that reaps profits. In many cases, students are only educated till high school and stop. They don’t continue their studies in college. Education should be free to make the country better. This will encourage more people to educate themselves, which is beneficial for the country. Students who are in financial difficulties and wish to study further will be able to do so. 


Free education is a dream that will come true if the government approves it. The power of education can transform our world for the better. A good education is vital for everyone and shouldn’t be treated as a business. The school ensures the overall development of every student by providing 360-degree parenting, meaning providing proper guidance to every student and assigning them mentors with whom they can discuss academic issues. It offers a variety of activities, such as workshops, dance, song, acting, swimming, camps, and more, so that a child can choose anything. 

Government Has Failed Badly In The Education Industry & Ripped Off By Private Players

All parents want their children to attend such schools. As a result, schools are taking advantage of it by raising fees unnecessarily by huge amounts. There should not be any action against someone who can’t deposit their due. Parent and student are both affected mentally by this. Students think they are not allowed to attend school just because they don’t have money, while parents believe they are not good enough to provide proper education to their children. 


Money plays a vital role in everyone’s life, and making the student feel different makes them feel different from others. Money is the only thing that can enable someone to get a good education. Hard work will seem insignificant to them. Taking education as a business will not lead to the development of our country, which is such a shame because education is the only path to success. The fees should be affordable to make schooling and college accessible to everyone.


The responsibility for making education a business lies with private institutes and coaching centers. The fee for maintenance, infrastructure, buses, and other events is extremely high. The schools can take some extra charge if they offer good facilities, but they recommend parents purchase a copy, books, and other items from specific shops even if schools furnish these items. It is also incorrect since only new books are allowed. The only thing they are making from it is money. Poor and middle-class families can’t afford nursery, LKG, or UKG school fees.

Government Has Failed Badly In The Education Industry & Ripped Off By Private Players

Private institutes have made it so that you need to attend classes if you want to pass the exam. These institutions focus on marketing, advertising, and holdings to gain more business. Admissions are a high priority rather than academic rigor. Only 10% of students in a population of 3000-4000 receive results, and this causes depression and anxiety in the rest of the students.


Youth suicide rates are high because of this. Thus, the gap between rich and poor keeps widening, not suitable for developing economies. It is necessary to enhance our education sector and impose some restrictions on private schools and institutions. We need some policy changes from the government. Such changes would help the nation and the education sector. As the saying goes, ‘Education is the most powerful tool you can use to change the world.’

edited and proofread by nikita sharma

Nandana Valsan
Nandana Valsan
Nandana Valsan is a Journalist/Writer by profession and an 'India Book of Records holder from Kochi, Kerala. She is pursuing MBA and specializes in Journalism and Mass Communication. She’s best known for News Writings for both small and large Web News Media, Online Publications, Freelance writing, and so on. ‘True Love: A Fantasy Bond’ is her first published write-up as a co-author and 'Paradesi Synagogue: History, Tradition & Antiquity' is her second successful write-up in a book as a co-author in the National Record Anthology. She has won Millenia 15 Most Deserving Youth Award 2022 in the category of Writer. A lot of milestones are waiting for her to achieve. Being a Writer, her passion for helping readers in all aspects of today's digital era flows through in the expert industry coverage she provides.


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