A Food Tech Startup 2022 Ensuring Healthy and Hygienic Food on Train

A Food Tech Startup Ensuring Healthy and Hygienic Food on Train

We Indians love travelling, especially from the train, the continuously changing scenery in front of our eyes, excitement of reaching a new place, gossip about politics, celebrities, and career with fellow passengers but something missed in all that is quality meals on wheel.

Railways started in 1853, It has seen many revolutions within these years, but healthy and hygienic food on train was the constant problem in train among food lovers and travellers.

Pantry car food comes in uneasy taste and hygiene, food stalls also do not serve healthy food, but now the scenario has changed for good. Entrepreneurs are coming up with new concepts and ideas to solve the problem of people.

RailRestro, a food-tech startup, also brings solutions to reduce the worries of train travellers regarding meals on wheel. 

Food Tech


The Concept of a Food-Tech Startup 

Food tech is a term made with two words: food and technology. It refers to those businesses and services which sell food with the help of the internet of things, big data, and artificial intelligence.

It is a modern way that revolutionizes food-related businesses and turns them into the food industry. Food tech provides sustainable and efficient development in all the stages of food from preparation, consumption, and distribution.

RailRestro, Swiggy, Zomato are such examples of food tech startups. 

RailRestro is an online e-catering service provider. It takes orders from Rail passengers with the help of its e-catering app or website and serves them healthy and hygienic food on train.

It also presents many food choices in front of travellers, among which passengers can select their favorite and place the order for the upcoming railway station where they want to receive the delivery.


How the E-catering App Ensure Healthy and Hygienic Food on Train?


The e-catering app, founded by Manish Chandra and his wife, Miss Suman Priya, in 2015, raised a niche in the hearts of travelers and won their trust with its quality service. It is the first choice of passengers starving for delicious, healthy, and hygienic meals on wheel.


The e-catering app has tied up with more than 2000 restaurants from all over India to deliver meals on wheels directly from the kitchen to the birth of passengers. These restaurants are FSSAI certified, who make sure the hygiene and freshness of the food.

RailRestro follows all the guidelines and takes safety measures to ensure safe food delivery. The startup’s aim is ‘providing tasty, healthy and hygienic food on train.’

It works on the USP to put varieties of food in front of train travellers free from bacteria and viruses and serve them like they are comfortably sitting in a moving restaurant and having their favorite food. 

 “We all love to eat something tasty but hygienic dish during traveling to enjoy our journey little more, when we travel through bus or car we easily take stoppage and step into any restaurant or cafe to satisfy our satiate but in train we need to completely get dependent on the food stalls and pantry cars, Which also not able to provide hygienic and healthy food options. It triggered me hard during my college days.

I realized meals on wheel is a major problem, train travelers face.To solve this problem, my team worked hard and launched an e-catering app in 2015 that delivers quality meals on wheel with lots of varieties and tastes. Now, You can even order baby food on train including milk.” said Manish Chandra, CEO, and Founder of RailRestro.  

RailRestro (@Railrestro) / Twitter


Market Position of the Food Tech Startup 


The market of RailRestro spreads over all the tracks of Indian Railways. It serves meals in pan India and covers all the Railway Zones. Currently, it is providing meals on over 450 stations and looking to scale it up to more stations soon. Till date, it has served billions of meals on over 7000 trains by enhancing customer experiences. 


“We outset our journey with a simple website and in the very first year we delivered 84000 meals, it was a good start and more than our expectations. After the year the order rate of meals on wheel increased exponentially. We witness 30% repeat customer orders. Touchwood! We never need to look back,” said Suman Priya, Co-Founder of the e-catering app. 


Let you know that the catering app is ISO certified and became an authorized partner of IRCTC( Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation) in 2017.  


Business Model of the E-catering App


The E-catering app has a business model of e-commerce. Passengers need to enter their PNR number while placing the order. With the help of PNR no. the Artificial Intelligence of the e-catering app fetch all the information like the train no., passenger name, seat/berth no., class and coach no.

The placed order notification reaches the restaurant’s owner on the vendor’s app of RailRestro, where multiple restaurants have registered themselves to sell food on train. The vendor proceeds with the order and ensures the timely delivery, directly from the restaurant’s kitchen to passengers’ seats/berth in nice packaging.


The process is very easy and user-friendly. Passengers can even visit the RailRestro website to order food for their journey. Besides, If any passenger is facing an internet issue and unable to browse the website and app. They can order their meal using the RailRestro customer service number, i.e., 8102202203.  


How to trust on e-catering amid Covid 19 

Covid19 is still in the environment and surroundings. It mutates itself frequently, Which makes us more worried about our well-being. Getting healthy meals outside the home in the presence of this virus seems a difficult task, but RailRestro makes it easy too. It strictly follows all the covid 19 guidelines, including complete vaccinations and sanitizations of delivery persons, chiefs, and restaurant staff. It ensures time to time sanitization of the restaurant kitchen. RaiRestro also instructs railway passengers to opt for online payment modes to ensure contactless delivery of food on the train.

Benefits of the E-catering App 

RailRestro Provides tasty, healthy, and hygienic meals on wheels, serving a variety of food options in front of Rail Passengers, giving business to restaurant owners, and providing jobs to delivery persons, IT persons, and others to serve quality service to the travellers. 

A food tech startup like RailRestro solves the problems of passengers and contributes to bringing a revolution in the way we travel by Indian Railways. Now, you can even check the PNR status of your train ticket, Train schedules, and Live train status using an application like RailMitra.

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