Future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) coexisting with Us

In article 1 of the Artificial Intelligence series, we explained what is AI and what are the various types of AI? Now, let’s continue our journey further and look into the future of Artificial Intelligence.

♦ Learn from Failure:

Even though the incident with Tay was hilarious, it gave a good stand of where do we stand with AI technology. Because, if one of the best tech companies in the world is having trouble predicting their own AI’s behavior, how is the normal population supposed to trust it?
It’s important to note that because of this particular event, many serious questions were asked regarding AI. Some of these are related to –

  1. The safety of AI.
  2. Management of AI.
  3. The responsibility of AI while handling serious issues.
  4. The confidence of people on AI.
  5. And most importantly, are we ready for AI?

Future of Artificial Intelligence

♦ Success in Machine Learning:

future of artificial intelligence

Let’s consider a complex and conceptual 2-player board game called ‘Go’. Here, through permutation and combinations, an infinite number of moves are possible.
The AlphaGo Zero, a Go-playing software became the strongest Go player in the history. All it knew was the basic rules of the game. How did it win? It ‘learned’ by playing against itself for like a million times. This is how Machine learning works.

future of artificial intelligence ai coexisting with us 2

♦ Benefits of AI:

  • Can perform too difficult and too dangerous tasks.
  • Eliminates human error.
  • Increases the production speed.
  • Improvements in the quality of work.
  • Can discover medicines.
  • Can improve the quality of life.

With the elimination of heavy works, people will get the opportunity to think properly and utilize their skills to perform more productive tasks.

♦ Drawbacks:

future of artificial intelligence ai coexisting with us 4
  • Reduction in job opportunities.
  • An increase in the rate of unemployment:
    1 AI can do a task of 10-20 men. This may not increase productivity but will take away jobs from many people.
  • ‘Making the rich richer and the poor get poorer’ will rise to another level.
  • Takes away privacy. The government can watch over its citizen for 24×7 through AI.
  • In the future, as our techs will get smarter, so will AIs. When robotics meets developed AIs that can think more rationally and if somehow, they all manage to join their systems together, they might make “Ultron’s attack on mankind” quite a reality. Because, even we know how much damage we humans have caused. If that wasn’t bad enough, we don’t even have the Avengers to defend us. 
future of artificial intelligence

Technology has the potential to either uplift humanity to new heights or to erase it completely. If used correctly, technology can even cure the deadliest diseases, erase hunger, and create endless possibilities to grow. But, if used for greed and power, like in the military, which is happening now in Syria, humanity might cease to exist.

‘The real problem is not whether machines think but whether men do.’
– Edward Teller

It all really depends on the choices we make. So, let’s hope, like AIs, we use our intelligence too.
Source: Techstory
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