Get Your “To-Be” Home Verified By The Best Home Inspection Company

In todays time one can not trust another person with the quality of work. People often focus on quantity and not quality. This is very prominent in the real estate sector. Builders cater the needs of the buyers and the property looks amazing but, in a year, the reality starts popping. The walls aren’t very strong, the wires isn’t of good quality, the water dripping from ceiling and much more. This is where PropCheckup (Formally known as Meazurement) comes to use!

PropCheckup (formally Meazurement) is India’s First Home Inspection startup and a founding member of Home Inspection Association of India (HIA). PropCheckup provides home inspection services in Mumbai, Pune, Navi Mumbai and other parts of India. PropCheckup inspects 100+ property checkpoints and provides a detailed home inspection report which snags hidden issues like seepage, electrical faults, water leakage, wall dampening, carpet areas shortage and plumbing issues. It protects the home buyers from costly repairs and provides peace of mind during, and after home buying. PropCheckup has inspected 2,00,000+ Sq. Ft area including carpet area measurement and served customer from luxury apartments like Lodha Amara, Godrej Infinity, Neelkanth Woods, Lodha New Cuffe Parade, Adani Western Heights, Bandra Kurla Complex (Kanakia Paris), Thakur Complex, River Residency, Kalpataru Crest, Lodha Splendora and many more. PropCheckup also provides carpet area measurement services as per RERA. PropCheckup protects home buyers from the shortage of carpet area and property frauds.

Home Inspection is a thorough study of the property/home condition where the inspector check all major components of the property/home with advance tools like Thermal Camera and provides property/home condition report.

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The company was started in 2012 by Mr Nitin Shingote who has done BE. Civil, MBA (Project Management) and has over 12 years of experience in the real estate industry. He is the Founding and Management Committee member of the Home Inspection Association of India. Another Co-Founder, Mr Nilesh Shingote has worked with Moody’s Analytics. He has more than 5 years of experience in investment banking and real estate industry.

The company provides Home Inspection services for both, owned and rental houses.

Basic services provided by the company include:

  • Compressive Home Inspection for Home Buyers: people who are ready to take the possession of new house but can’t check all the visible and hidden issues in the property due to non-availability of the advanced tools and technical expertise can surely rely on this firm for professional service.
  • Rental Home Inspection for the rental transaction: when you are taking a house on rent, you expect everything to be spic and span. PropCheckup does the deed for you and checks the house for you to make sure its in the best condition.


  • Rental Home Inspection for the rental transaction: when you are renting your house, you want to ensure the property is maintained properly and return in the same condition after tenure end. For that, you need the PropCheckup help to review and document the condition of the property before Move- In and sets the expectation of the condition in which the property should be returned at a time of move-out.
  • Periodic Home Inspection For NRIs: Your property needs constant attention and care, same as stocks in your portfolio. As an NRI homeowner, you may not check the property condition on a regular interval, that’s where the periodic home inspection service helps you to keep the track of the property condition from remote location with the proper report format.
  • Seepage / Leakage Inspection: if there’s one thing worse than a bad house, it is a good house with seepage issues. Seepage can either make a house or break it. PropCheckup used advance instruments like the thermal camera to find out the route cause and give the methodology to fix the issue permanently.
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What does home inspection cover?

  • Hidden Seepage/leakage
  • Plumbing System
  • Electrical System
  • Carpentry Work
  • Ceiling
  • Doors & Window
  • Install Appliances etc.

Why Shouldn’t home buyers avoid home inspection?

Homebuyers should go for inspection to avoid unnoticed problems. Home Inspection companies used their expertise, and advanced technology to discover and document the property issue so that all of the issues are resolved at the initial stage or home buyers compensate for the repair cost. There are times when the house looks completely fine from the walls but there are deeper issues with it, like plumbing, fitting of the pipes, drainage and many more issues.

You buy a house only once in your life with all the pooled-up savings so don’t buy the wrong one. Do not take any risks and just go for PropCheckup as your trusted home inspection partner!

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