An Overwhelming Account – How A Doctor Couple Is Fighting Coronavirus

Today, in order to fight coronavirus, medical health professionals are working day and night. It is taking their blood, sweat and tears to work amid coronavirus patients with hardly any sleep.  They are daughters, sons, newly married couples, mothers and fathers who are working relentlessly with utmost dedication to fight this epidemic. They are the true warriors. Some of them are not allowed to go home to meet their kids and family because of the extra work load and some voluntarily don’t go for the fear of infecting their members. It’s a hard time but their dedication and commitment is mind boggling. For them it’s a situation between life and death and they have selflessly kept their duty towards their nation before their personal life.

One such heartwarming and soul stirring story of a corona warrior couple has surfaced and it’s so overwhelming to see their unconditional support in this crisis.

Leaving their 13-month-old child with the landlord, a doctor couple is treating patients. Both are working in the emergency department, where patients are being treated as well as screening them.

Dr. Rajeev Ranjan is posted in Dada Dev Hospital, while his wife Dr. Rashmi Acharya is posted in Bhishu Hospital. Both are engaged in the emergency department of the hospital. Isolation and flu ward has been made in Acharya Bhijhu Hospital, while only flu ward has been made in Dada Dev, where the shift is being done after screening the patients coming to the emergency department. If a patient is found to be corona positive then he is being transported to RML and DDU.

Virtually attending their kid

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The doctor couple told that the child is only 13 months old and may be susceptible to infection. Both decided that they would not go home from the hospital. The care of the child present in the house was the biggest concern. So he asked his landlord for help. The landlord is looking after the child.  They video call and talk to the child everyday.

If the doctors are ready to do so much then why can’t we stay at our home?

Also, the doctor couple has a message for the public. They asked people to not panic but take the precautionary measures and follow the lockdown.

Everyday instances surface on the internet where people are spat and attacked doctor, nurses. They are chased away, pelted stones at from the area they come to recover covid-19 patients. Recently, news like harassing nurses by staring at them inappropriately has also surfaced over social media.

Stringent measures should be taken against such inhuman and beast – like behaviour.

Safety of doctors need to be ensured too

More than 50 doctors in India are infected with coronavirus. Lack of masks and proper tool kit for their protection are the sole reasons for this.

However, this was just one brave story. Everywhere doctors, nurses are working to their best potential to come out victorious of this crisis. 

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