Google Services Outage News: Is Gmail Not Working Properly? or Gmail Starts Working for Some Users; Are Others Still Facing Issues?

Google’s Gmail server has shut down, due to which users of many countries including India cannot send emails. Gmail is an e-mail service developed by Google. Gmail is short for Google Mail. In addition to the free version, Google Mail also offers an advanced paid version as part of the Google applications for the business plan. 

Gmail suffered an outage for several users in India, causing errors and problems with attachment files and log in. Most of the people faced glitches while trying to upload files on the Google-owned services such as Google Drive and Gmail as both suffered glitches.

Users have turned to Twitter to tweet about the problems they are facing on Google Drive and Gmail. They also posted memes along with their post on #Gmaildown.

Users also visited the DownDetector website to discuss these issues and highlight the problems they were facing when using Google’s services (especially Gmail used by millions of users globally).

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Downdetector shared information about the crash of Gmail, saying that users have complained that they cannot open any files in Google Drive or send mail in Gmail. Meanwhile, Downdetector also stated that problems have been found in Gmail, Google Drive, and Youtube servers, which caused difficulties while uploading videos.

The problem of Gmail’s stagnation has been seen in many countries worldwide, including Japan and Australia. People in Gmail cannot attach any files. The company itself has declared that some users cannot use Gmail as the Gmail server is down. Someone informed that due to a huge number of active users on Gmail, the service has shut down. Many users all over the world (including India) are facing this problem. Currently, the company is trying to fix these issues.

Google has stated that the Gmail problem will be resolved soon, and the team is working on it. Google’s support page has changed its status to “out of service” and stated that the issue will be resolved by 1:30 pm.

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Update: After a global outage earlier in the day, Gmail restored access to certain users. Now we can attach the document to the email and send it. All emails are delivered. However, this process takes some time.

We are reviewing and investigating reports of Gmail issues. We will give you more information soon. We are continuing to investigate these issues. We will give an update by 20/08/20 1.30 PM IST, detailing when we expect to resolve the issue.


According to Downeditor, the error in Gmail appeared at 9:50 in the morning and continued until the press release. In Gmail, 62% of people have difficulty connecting attachments, 26% of users cannot log in, and 10% of people cannot receive emails.

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Some users said that they were not able to send emails altogether, while others said that they also complained about attachment failures, which indicates that the upload process is slow. Even if it would be completed, it will show an error message: “You need to check your network”.As most people are working remotely, given the coronavirus pandemic situation and social distancing norms, this is not the right time that the Google-owned email services and drives suffered a global outage.

Some users also complained about problems they are facing while logging in and receiving messages. The real-time outage map shows that users in India, Australia, parts of Europe, and America are affected. In addition to Gmail, people are also facing problems with Google Drive.

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The outage report also showed similar Gmail spikes. The tracking site said that users from the United States, the Philippines, New Zealand, India, Australia, and 43 other countries have reported issues with Gmail.


In an update to its status page, Google pointed out that Gmail and Google Drive services have been restored for some users. The company also stated that the service will be restored for other users shortly.

However, the company did not specify any time frame for the same. The company wrote on its status page: The Gmail service has been restored for some users, and we hope that all other users’ issues will be resolved in the near future. Please note that this time period is an estimate and may change.

At the same time, Down Detector showed that Gmail-related issues are starting to decline after 2 pm. At 3:16 pm, there were only 316 reports, and today at noon there were only 2736 reports.

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This is not the first outage of Google services this year. A similar but brief outage occurred in January, affecting many users living in parts of North America, parts of Europe, parts of South America, and Asia. Users around the world reported 405 errors when trying to access Gmail.


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