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Google’s Innovative Android Feature: Auto-Enabling Airplane Mode During Flights

Google’s Innovative Android Feature: Auto-Enabling Airplane Mode During Flights

According to reports, Google is developing a new Android feature aimed at automating the activation of Airplane mode during flights. The technology is expected to offer enhanced functionalities for Airplane mode, and Google has filed a patent for this upcoming connected flight mode through the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Currently, users have to manually enable Airplane mode when onboard a flight. Moreover, the existing Airplane mode feature disables all connections on most devices.

The new Android feature being developed by Google could simplify the process by automatically activating Airplane mode when a user is on a flight. This would provide convenience to users and ensure compliance with airline regulations regarding wireless connectivity during flights. Additionally, the patent filing suggests that the upcoming connected flight mode may include improved features or settings beyond the standard Airplane mode, offering users a more tailored and optimized experience for in-flight usage.

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According to a report by ParkiFly in collaboration with David Kowalski, Google has filed a patent for a connected flight mode feature. This new feature aims to automatically enable a connected flight mode on mobile devices when users board a flight.

The patent filing suggests that the feature will utilize various signals and sensors such as pressure drop, acceleration/velocity, cabin sounds, ultrasonic signals, GPS signals, Cellular ID, and Wi-Fi signals to detect the user’s entry into a flight. Once triggered, the connected flight mode will disable automatic backups, background application refresh, and updates, as outlined in the patent filings.

The reported patent indicates that Google is exploring innovative ways to enhance the flight experience for users by automating certain device settings to comply with airline regulations and improve in-flight functionality. By utilizing a range of sensor data, the connected flight mode feature could provide a more seamless and customized experience, ensuring that the device operates in an appropriate mode during the flight while optimizing battery life and network usage. However, it is important to note that patent filings do not guarantee the release or implementation of the described technology.

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In addition to the previously mentioned features, the reported patent suggests that Google’s connected flight mode feature may also leverage travel booking activity and check-in status to automatically enable the mode. This implies that the feature would utilize information related to a user’s travel itinerary to activate the connected flight mode when necessary.

Furthermore, the patent filings indicate that the connected flight mode feature may provide selective network connectivity options such as in-flight Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This suggests that users may have the ability to enable specific network connections while in the connected flight mode, allowing them to utilize in-flight Wi-Fi services or connect to Bluetooth devices if available.

These additional capabilities mentioned in the patent filings suggest that Google’s connected flight mode feature aims to provide a comprehensive solution for optimizing device settings during flights. By considering various factors like travel information and offering selective network connectivity options, the feature could offer users a tailored and convenient experience while complying with airline regulations and ensuring optimal device performance during air travel.

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With the implementation of this new technology, passengers will no longer need to manually activate flight mode when boarding an aircraft. The connected flight mode feature, as described in the reported patent, will automatically switch devices to flight mode upon boarding, disabling wireless connections such as cellular networks, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

Importantly, once the flight is over and the user has landed, the feature will automatically switch the device back to normal mode. This means that cellular connections will be reactivated, and standard settings will be restored. In contrast, the existing flight mode feature disables all wireless connections, including cellular networks, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth on most devices. However, it is worth noting that with the current flight mode, users have the option to manually enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth after activating flight mode.

The reported connected flight mode feature aims to streamline the process for passengers by automatically managing the device’s connectivity during flights, ensuring compliance with airline regulations. By automatically transitioning between flight mode and normal mode, the feature seeks to provide a more seamless experience for users without the need for manual adjustments.

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According to reports, Google is working on introducing an “Undo” button for its Android keyboard app, GBoard. This new feature aims to allow users to retrieve text that has been accidentally deleted. The addition of an Undo option is currently being tested and is available in the latest beta version of GBoard.

The Undo button feature in GBoard could prove to be useful for users who inadvertently delete text while typing. It provides a convenient way to reverse the deletion and retrieve the text without the need for retyping. By incorporating this feature, Google seeks to enhance the user experience and minimize the frustration caused by accidental text deletions on the GBoard keyboard app.

As the feature is currently in the testing phase, it may undergo further refinements before its official release. Users can anticipate the availability of the Undo button in future updates of the GBoard app, providing them with an additional level of control and ease of use.

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