Government Has Made HSRP Mandatory and Is Charging Fine, But Lacks Infra to Provide It | Why Modi Government Always Rush to Make Decisions Without Proper Preparation & Infra and Harass Common Public even in 2021

Government Has Made HSRP Mandatory and Is Charging Fine, But Lacks Infra to Provide It | Why Modi Government Always Rush to Make Decisions Without Proper Preparation & Infra and Harass Common Public even in 2021

High-Security Registration Plate (HSRP) is the new vehicle’s number plate. Every vehicle that was bought before April 2019 has to start upgrading their number plates to HSRP and color code stickers are provided. It had been made mandatory for every citizen who owns a vehicle in the cities of Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. If a vehicle doesn’t have an HSRP then they are fined from 5,500 to 10,000 INR. The guidelines have been passed. The new motor vehicle law changes have also been introduced. People are being forced to change their plates and if didn’t, then they are fined. Everywhere, every news is talking about what a citizen should do. 

HSRP: Website hacked, chaos rules | Delhi News - Times of India

You can find articles everywhere that address the benefits and basics of HSRP, but there is also a question that is left unattended. Is the government ready to handle such a thing? Is the government ready to handle the sudden influx of HSRP requests and registration? When a movement takes place, the people abide by it. And when people start taking action then the government should provide the resources for citizens to fulfill their duty. Does the government have enough infrastructure to provide the citizens with necessities that the government is imposing us to get? Then in which way can, they demand a fine from us when they aren’t even prepared? 

Vehicles without HSRP, colour-coded stickers to be fined in Delhi; check details

There is only a single portal to apply for HSRP. If we roughly calculate the citizens of Delhi and UP who own vehicles then it could estimate to more than 50 million people. So, every person has to apply through a single portal. When a person applies for it, the billing date comes three months apart. 

So, a person has to apply for HSRP “NOW” for it to be provided after three months? Isn’t that ridiculous? Why is there such a big gap? If a person applies online and is able to receive in a span of 4-5 days and in that case, a person who fails to do so is being fined with 5,500 INR, then the necessity of it speaks out. But the government itself doesn’t have enough infrastructure to provide us with plates, then why is the government rushing us to register it in the first place? When there is no availability of plates right now, then why are the citizens being fined for it? 

People who own a vehicle use it for their locomotion. They rely on their vehicles to go by everyday activities. Vehicles are their own necessity. But the government suddenly plans to change plates and start imposing a fine on which they themselves do not have enough infrastructure to provide for every citizen, then why was there such a rush? Why is there such an emergency if the government is not prepared for it? Doesn’t this ring a bell? The government’s ill planning and management has caused trouble for citizens for a long time. Especially the government’s overnight rulings are no new tale to report. 

Demonetization: Who benefited? India or the Modi government? | NewsBytes

Every citizen of India can still freshly remember the date of November 8, 2016. The day that our entire life went upside down. A day when suddenly money that you earned with blood, tear, and sweat was turned worthless. Yes, I’m talking about the demonetization of 500 and 1000 INR notes. It took one second for PM Modi to announce the declaration but that one second’s announcement made millions to stand in queue for days and even months filled with fear.

As if planning for a surprise birthday party, the news was kept within the government officials, and just as the minute hit the 12, the surprise was to such an extent shook everyone. Even here the main question that was asked millions of times is ‘was the government ready for it?’ well, we were alive and we did see what happened. 

The entire government system was a failure. The banks were crashed, new notes weren’t on the issue, the RBI was under fire. Was it the citizen’s fault or were citizens not following the government’s orders? No, it was not our fault. It was the infrastructure that wasn’t proper. The government was not ready to handle the sudden influx of millions at the bank doorstep, it was the government who wasn’t able to exchange the money that they made worthless. Then, why would they make such a haste announcement without prior notice and proper noting of the available resources?

The government should have been prepared. They should have been ready with every instruction to the bank officials and together with the RBI, slowly should have made such a move. Instead, they were only creating headlines. Yes. The entire demonetization was a complete failure in terms of both economy and infrastructure.

The objective for this whole process was to bring out black money, but the report said a total of 99% of the money returned back. Then where did the black money go? how much was it collected? The government has no answer for this. When an objective of the movement itself isn’t met, then it holds no validity at all. 

Such was the case with our situation. The 2017 Economic Survey of the government of India points out: “India’s demonetization is unprecedented in international economic history, in that it combined secrecy and suddenness amidst normal economic and political conditions. All other sudden demonetizations have occurred in the context of hyperinflation, wars, political upheavals, or other extreme circumstances.” PM Modi said that we need to go through short suffering for a bigger cause. Was the suffering a short one? No. The suffering and mental weight of those days are still sending chills to the people of India. 

Dear Indian liberals, you cannot elect a new people

The government has been mocking us with one after another new way to destroy the peace of mind as well as ruin our economy. The only biggest problem with our government is there aren’t prepared for the steps they want to take. So, who suffers in the middle? It is the people who are helpless and powerless to do nothing but abide by it. But the government shall never agree on how their plan for a failure.

They mask it with such false optimism. But we can see clearly that any step that government brings in name of betterment for India, it’s all unprepared and not planned well. The people are the only victims of it. Just like how history’ returns, they are doing so now with HSRP too. They aren’t even prepared for it but they are in so haste that people are being forced to do it. 

People are not having money in their pockets all time to abide by any unprepared plans the government throw on us. They have no right to ask us fine when they are themselves not prepared. right from the planning, infrastructure, the management, the entire process is not properly managed or to be honest not properly sorted out too. In such a case not only forcing the people to do so but also imposing a fine of such an amount is only a brutal step towards torturing the citizens.

We do need changes in India. But what we really do need is our government to take action only when resources or infrastructure for such a change is available or else that act will only be considered an abuse of power, which is exactly what is happening now.


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