How Does First Deposit Bonus Work?

One of the major attractions of online casinos is the generous bonuses and promotions they offer. These bonuses help to boost players’ bankrolls and offer them more value for their money.

The first deposit bonus is one of the popular reward types that casinos offer to a player and it is a standard at almost all online casinos, including casinos8888. In this post, we will look at what first deposit bonuses are and how they work.

What is a First Deposit Bonus?

A first deposit bonus is a certain bonus amount that a casino offers to a player for making the first deposit into their casino account. Immediately you sign up at a casino site, you will receive a promise of a certain bonus percentage for your first deposit.

The bonus offer can be a 100% first deposit up to a maximum of $200. That means you will receive a double of your first deposit in your casino account up to $200. If you deposit $300 for instance, the maximum bonus offer you will still get is $200 because there is a cap on the 100% bonus. 

Why Do Online Casinos offer Players First Deposit Bonuses?

The gambling landscape online is highly competitive and casino sites use bonuses to attract new players to sign up on their sites. While bonuses may look like a loss to the casino site, they are actually a big win because they earn more money from the players as they continue to play.

Also, most players end up losing the bonus money and even their real money to the casino at the end. To ensure you do not fall into the statistics of players that lose to casino sites, you must develop your gaming skills and how to use the bonus offer.

How Do You Claim Your Deposit Bonus?

Claiming your first deposit is quite simple. It is easy to claim even if you are a new player. To help you through the process, follow the easy steps highlighted below:

  • Sign up at your preferred casino site
  • Navigate to the deposit section to make your first deposit
  • Use your preferred payment option to make the deposit
  • Since most first deposit bonuses are not automatic, make sure to click the “opt-in” button on the casino page
  • Provide the relevant details when prompted and add the bonus code if there is any
  • Complete the transaction and navigate to your account. You will see the bonus amount in your account

That is all! You can begin to play your favorite games right away with real money. We recommend that you understand the rules and tricks of the game first before you play with your bonus money or real money.


That is pretty much what there is to the first deposit bonus. Another thing that is worth pointing out is the wagering requirements. Before you claim any bonus offer from a casino site, make sure to understand the wagering requirements and other terms and conditions associated with the bonus offer.

Although the terms and conditions section is often long and boring, make sure to go through it and understand the number of times you have to play through your first deposit bonus to convert it into real cash. 

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