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How To Work With Instagram Comments?

From 2012 Instagram has been prospering, attracting more users to join every day, it is indeed a unique platform that offers not only entertaining content but also serves as a business panel for entrepreneurs.

Instagram is available in a huge number of languages used, people post content in more than 32 languages, they interact with each other and leave comments sharing their ideas and beliefs.

Instagram offers leaving the comments on one’s account so people can put whatever they want in that section and they get an opportunity to turn it off. We believe that this feature was created for those who are sensitive to mean comments and those who don’t know how to handle comments in general, for example, how to respond to a comment in a proper way.

Dealing with Instagram comments is  still an ongoing issue and we’d like to help you on that and be comfortable with it. In this article we’d like to give you some tips on how to work with Instagram comments. Also, at the end of the article we’ll provide services that can help you boost your account dynamic and overall performance.

Using the comments section is very important on Instagram. Interacting with your target audience and future followers is not the only advantage that comments on the platform offers. Have you ever wondered why bloggers leave a question for their audience to answer in the post and share their ideas in comments? Your account gets recognized by Instagram algorithms and the number of comments you have. In fact, the more comments you have, the more your account is viewed as popular.

When an account has a certain amount of comments, your posts can appear in recommendations. Having a huge number of interactions in the post will help you gain more viewers and then followers.

Main tips on how to handle comments section:

  • Try to reply to each question giving a full answer
  • Audience’s comments have to be thoroughly read and understood, this way you’ll gain trust and credibility
  • Try to engage your audience to share more
  • React with emoji if the sentence is too short and there’s no need to provide a full answer
  • If you’ve received a mean comment try to figure out what was the problem a user has experienced and answer it
  • Try to reply to the comment as fast as you can

Instagram’s algorithms work in a special way. If you reply in more than 24h it is very unlikely that a user will respond to your message. That’s why it is highly advisable to respond to a comment within one hour, this way it will bring more interaction happening in your account.

What else can you do?

One more useful tip is to create a document, for instance in Google Docs, where you can put all the repeated questions and the answers to them – it will save your time on replying and you could respond to more messages. Moreover, you can create a FAQ section in our Instagram in the format of stories, that eases the interaction and your audience gets to know more about your content and so follow you because you share it in a transparent way.

Most importantly, try to give full answers, this way users will get the idea that you care about their messages and you actually try to interact with them, it is highly valuable.

We understand that the more comments you get the less time you have to reply to each message. Here’s what you can do. Try to classify the messages you get: short and long, those that you’ve received just some time ago and the ones you have unanswered for several hours. We highly advise you to prioritize the comments that were sent some time ago. For example, replying to the messages that were sent 1-2 hours ago rather than responding to the message that you’ve got a couple of minutes ago.

Sometimes replying to each message once you get a lot of interactions going on in the comments section may be hard, nevertheless, one has to keep up in order to show that the account is active and become more visible. If you don’t have time to do that you can always look for the applications and panels that offer services where you can track and filter the comments and give proper answers.

I don’t have enough comments to improve my account performance. What can I do?

If you don’t have enough interaction on the comments section and you would like to get more messages and engagement use our advice – buy real comments Instagram.

If you’re new to the service you may doubt whether it really works. Indeed, at the first glance it may seem that you can do it yourself: creating hashtags, following and unfollowing people to create more “organic” traffic, etc. It takes a lot of time and usually years to reach the point when your content is acknowledged. Buy instant Instagram comments and you won’t be spending too much time on finding new accounts to comment on, but you’ll have more free time to plan the content that you always wanted to share.

How to promote Instagram?  Below we’ve listed the most effective SMM panels that can help you become popular on the platform. The most prominent panels here are: Viewsta, Tube.Biz, SMO.Plus and Views.Biz. Instagram promotion is a big deal on the platform. As we stated in the introduction of this article, one of the most considerable advantages is that it is used by businesses and entrepreneurs that can notice you and offer a collaboration and you can earn money from your content, doing what you like and enjoy.

How much does it cost to promote on Instagram?

If we are talking about comments that one can buy using the offers of 4 websites we listed above the range varies from $4.80 up to $13 as maximum per 1000. Of course, the price depends on the speed of the service, the amount of comments one prefers to get and the amount of time when the result could be seen.

The services listed above are of the best price on the market and we highly advise you to check their offers, look up for the details of each service and you’d understand what is preferable for your account.



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