India’s Mobile Economy is Continuously Flourishing and Many Industries are Benefiting from It

India’s mobile economy is rapidly growing in the last few years. This is one of the most populated countries in the world and as more people here that use mobile devices, the bigger the mobile market is. This can be good for many businesses and it just makes sense why many are shifting their focus and excitement towards this country.
As of 2017, India accounts for 10 percent of global smartphone sales. This help made the country the second-largest smartphone market in the world with around 40 million smartphones sold in just one month in 2017.
Aside from this, India is also the home to around one-fifth of the world’s mobile subscribers. Its mobile market is even bigger in the US and is now second to China. Because of the rapid growth, India is now working on ensuring that the country gets more infrastructure improvements that could help the mobile industry and the country’s internet connectivity to become better. 
Another factor that helps the mobile economy grow in India is how more online content is made available in its regional languages. This simply increases the interest of the locals to own a mobile device and connect to the internet.
By the end of this year, it is expected that there will be over 700 million mobile users in the country. This means that demands for improved and better mobile technology will keep coming. Many industries will surely find ways to penetrate the mobile market.
The gaming industry worldwide is benefiting a lot from the growth of mobile tech and the same thing is happening in the Indian country. About half of the over 700 million mobile users that the country will have by the end of this year is projected to be playing mobile games by 2022.
In fact, based on studies, Indians appear to prefer mobile games rather than computer or console games. It is already one of the top five mobile gaming markets worldwide. This is becoming a trend for the global gaming industry.
It’s mainly why many PC and console game developers are creating mobile versions of their games. Back then PUBG, The Sims, and even Call of Duty versions were only playable with a PC and mobile device. However, these games can now be downloaded as apps and can be played with mobile devices.
So far, these games have seen success in the mobile platform and people are simply expecting better mobile games in the future as smartphones become more powerful than ever. Even the gambling sector is included in this growth.
Many Indians are now turning to wager online with their mobile devices. Even the online lottery in India is getting more attention as it’s been made more accessible because of mobile technology. Indians just really love the lotteries too because of the potential prizes that they can get.
A sector of the gambling industry in India is also doing good thanks to the internet and mobile devices. If there is another thing that India is so popular with, it has to be cricket. The love that Indians have for this sport translates to a big sports betting industry and globally, mobile betting is dominating this scene. 
Another industry that is doing pretty well in India because of mobile tech is the e-commerce business. The Indian e-commerce value is expected to grow up to 200 billion US dollars by 2026. This year, it is expected to be worth as much as 120 billion US dollars.
More people are just keener to shop online these days because of convenience. The big mobile market in India helps e-commerce businesses reach more people in the country and this is why man businesses in India are also going online.
It’s still expected that there will be more mobile users in India in the next few years. With where the country is in terms of mobile products and services, it’s definitely not behind. It can even be considered that India is a strong voice when it comes to the demands that mobile users have.
Whether it’s for mobile gaming, online shopping, or anything that concerns entertainment, people will continuously demand something better. These industries will always have to step up when it comes to the mobile services they offer.
Eventually, the competition within each industry will get tougher. A continuous flow of innovations will be necessary. Back then, releasing an app is already a big step for many companies to dominate the online and mobile market, but right now, that’s just the first step.
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