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“Live Tweeting”- The new feature of Twitter

After enjoying “Live” features on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, be ready to enjoy the thrill of “Live Tweet”. Yes, you read that right. Twitter 2.0 now includes a ‘live tweeting’ element introduced by Elon Musk. Twitter’s ‘Live tweeting’ function is active at the moment. Elon Musk, the new Chief and head of the microblogging network Twitter, on Saturday, has introduced a ‘live tweeting’ function to the app, which is now accessible. 

The first person who disclosed this feature of “live tweeting”.

Matt Taibbi, the author of Griftopia, was the first to employ this feature, and he revealed it by live tweeting “Thread: THE TWITTER FILES.” “All you’re certain to discover is the first chapter of a series, based on hundreds of inside papers received by sources inside Twitter,” Griftopia’s writer further meant after his debut tweet. The author moves on by saying that, “The Twitter Files” discloses a fantastic and astonishing narrative from the core of Twitter which is the world’s most popular and influential social media site.

The iconic may have been used as the platform was under the umbrella of controversies in the recent few months. It’s a Frankensteinian story about a human-made apparatus that grows beyond the control of its creator.”

The response about “live tweeting” by the CEO himself.

Musk responded to the first tweet of Taibbi with two popcorn emojis, adding “Here we go!!” “There is a double-checking of certain details, will likely begin live tweeting in around 40 minutes,” he meant something like this before his previous tweet. Since taking over Twitter, Musk has used his account to inform the public about every significant update and forthcoming feature.

The CEO’s stated plan of action.

Previously, Musk stated that Twitter is identifying and removing spam and fraud accounts. “At this moment, Twitter is involved in the great task of cleaning a bunch of fake accounts, so there are chances that the following count may see a negative trend and drop down,” he meant by his tweet. 

twitter goes into the world of live tweeting

Musk urged the audience to vote on the tweeting character limit and restoring suspended accounts. Musk headed to Twitter on Thursday to share the word limit change with everyone. Musk also intends to increase Twitter’s character count from 280 to 1000. 

Associated tweets on character count by various social media users and Musk’s response to them.

After becoming CEO of the microblogging site, Musk has almost always sought to keep that personal touch in many tweets about him, either they are used as a troll against him or as a response to his thoughts.

A user on social media tagged Musk a few days ago in his tweet and meant, “Thought on raising character count to 1000” to which  Musk replied and meant, “It’s on our to-do list.”

Last month 27, a Person on Twitter recommended to Musk about the character count that it will be better if the same can be increased from 280 to 420. In response to this tweet, the SpaceX owner responded, “Good idea.”

Previously, another user recommended “removing character limitations.” “Absolutely,” said the multi-billionaire.

It appears that many fresh upgrades are on the way. Musk hopes to provide a pleasant user experience. It is still to be unclear when Musk will ultimately modify the character limit.

Other encounters of Musk with users on the site.

If we compile the data from the Center for Countering Digital Hate, it has been seen that Black people, daily, are targeted and there is an average of 1,282 tweets with insults against this community of individuals. Moreover, this data is witnessed to intensify after Tesla’s head took over the microblogging platform, and that figure increased to 3,876.

Musk responded, and meant “despite strong user growth, hate speech impressions continue to drop.” The hate speech impressions can be defined as the number of times a tweet was read.

By quoting the phrase Speech of freedom does not imply reach of freedom, Musk added that @TwitterSafety, there will be a weekly disclosure of the statistics. Negativity should be and will have a lower impact than optimism,” he remarked.

More than 500 million tweets are there on micro-blogging sites every day, with billions of reactions, shares, comments, and re-tweets on that; yet hate speech accounts for less than 0.1 %, Musk defended by commenting on this.

eleon musk and his contriversial tweets

One of the biggest Twitter issues.

The concept of character count is supposed to be one of the primary drawbacks of Twitter when compared to various other social networking sites. This concept is viewed many times by the Neuralink chief and he had expressed interest in rectifying and expanding the character count.

Many users have yet to use the live tweeting function, but it appears that it will bring Twitter in line with its competitors who already offer a live uploading function. It will be fascinating to observe how users respond to this new Twitter upgrade.

The anticipated path of action.

Musk has previously discussed his concept of increasing Twitter’s character count to 1000, and he has already restored several suspended accounts after polling people. However, he did not mention any new piece of information revolving around the live tweeting feature before, either through tweets or polls. He appears to have a to-do list that he is ticking off as he adds something new on the platter one by one.

The final perception about this new feature of “live tweeting”.

His proposal of Musk to Twitter about purchasing the microblogging site with billion dollar deal, and then trying to back out from the deal by breaching the contract by saying that the data given to him was not correct regarding the count of spam accounts; there have been many controversies surrounding the takeover of Twitter by Musk. there are many positive as well as negative narratives of different types of people on the website. But the one thing that is as definite about day and night is that something is going to happen iconic with this micro-blogging site, which only time will reveal.

musk adds a new feature of live tweeting



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