Lottery in India – play or win

Playing the lottery is huge in India, and it is not hard to see why. For a small initial outlay, people have the chance to win life-changing sums of money. However, it’s not just about winning. Even participating is a ton of fun in itself.

The lottery and Indian gambling

There is a long history of gambling in India, and lotteries are one of the most common methods. One of the earliest organised forms was Matka, where players bet on the rates of cotton on the New York Cotton exchange. Betting on chess is also common. Chess is said to have been invented in north-west India during the sixth century and provides ample opportunities for keen fans to lay a wager.
Several states now run their own lotteries, which offer some of the biggest gambling prizes. Naturally, the main purpose of playing is to win money, but that is not the only reason lotteries are popular in India. Buying a ticket builds excitement and anticipation leading up to the draw, while players are free to daydream about what they might buy with the winnings.

Lotteries for Indian players

For Indian players who want to get involved and test their luck, here are several options to try out.

  • Kerala State Lottery started in 1967 and is the oldest lottery run by the government.
  • Playwin Lottery is big and run by the Sikkim government.
  • Players can win ₹100,000 rupees every month in’s monthly draw.
  • Lotto India is an online lottery run throughout the country.
  • Indian players may also be eligible for some international lotteries.
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Some states allow participation in certain lotteries, some do not. Always check your local regulations if you are unsure of your status.

Indian lottery players who won big

If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are several lucky Indian players who had their lives turned around in a moment.

  • Mr Gaur Das, a rickshaw owner from Guskara won a juicy 35 lakh (Rs 3,500,000) and said he would use the money to buy a bigger house and invest in his children’s education.
  • Two city doctors, Ashok and Kirti Patel won an amazing 8 crore (Rs 80,000,000) in 2008. They also spent money on a new place to live and their children’s education, not to mention a world tour.
  • Laarni Bibal scooped a huge win in the American Mega Millions lotto in 2019, winning a staggering US$522 million.

As we all know, not every player will win the big one. However, someone has to, and you certainly can’t win if you don’t join in.

Indian players join in the fun

After reading about wins like these it’s no wonder lotteries are so popular in India. It might seem like the chances of winning are small, yet, someone always wins the jackpot prize eventually. Sure, not everyone will win; most do not. But that does not prevent people from having fun regardless. Providing it fits within budget, the lottery brings players plenty of enjoyment even when they don’t win the main prize.

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