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Medplus Health tumbles 5% on flat profit for June quarter

Medplus Health tumbles 5% on flat profit for June quarter

On August 8, the shares of Medplus Health Services Ltd experienced a decline of around 5 percent during morning trading. This drop in share price followed the company’s financial results announcement for the quarter ended June. Here are the key details of the situation:

– Financial Performance: Medplus Health Services Ltd reported a post-tax profit of Rs 3.76 crore for the quarter ended June. This was in comparison to a profit of Rs 3.67 crore recorded in the same quarter of the previous year.

– Sequential Comparison: The company’s consolidated profit after tax experienced a significant decline of 86 percent sequentially from Rs 26.55 crore in the three months ending March 2023.

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– Revenue Growth: Despite the drop in profit, Medplus Health Services Ltd saw a growth in revenue from operations. The company reported that its revenue from operations increased by 29 percent to Rs 1,284.29 crore in Q1 FY24, up from Rs 993.65 crore in the corresponding period of the previous year.

– Share Price Movement: As a response to the financial results, the company’s shares witnessed a decline of 4.79 percent, trading at Rs 906.80 on the BSE as of 10:40 am.


These results highlight a mixed financial performance for Medplus Health Services Ltd in Q1 FY24. While there was growth in revenue from operations, the post-tax profit declined year-on-year and experienced a substantial sequential drop. The market’s reaction, reflected in the decline of the company’s share price, indicates the significance of financial performance and market expectations for investors and stakeholders.

The financial details provided further contextualize Medplus Health Services Ltd’s recent performance:

– Previous Quarter’s Revenue: In the preceding quarter that ended in March 2023, the company’s revenue amounted to Rs 1,252.98 crore. This gives insight into the company’s revenue trajectory over recent quarters.

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– EBITDA Growth: Medplus Health Services Ltd’s EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization) demonstrated a notable increase of 28.6 percent on a year-on-year basis. Specifically, it rose from Rs 62.77 crore in the corresponding period of the previous year to Rs 80.73 crore in the most recent quarter. This suggests an improvement in operational earnings.

– Sequential EBITDA Decline: However, on a sequential basis, the EBITDA dropped by 15.3 percent from Rs 95.33 crore reported in the previous quarter (Q4 FY23). This sequential decline indicates a change in the company’s operational performance from one quarter to the next.

These figures offer a more comprehensive view of Medplus Health Services Ltd’s financial performance. While there was growth in EBITDA on a year-on-year basis, the sequential decline in EBITDA suggests fluctuations in operational performance over recent quarters. This financial context helps investors and stakeholders better understand the company’s trajectory and the factors influencing its earnings and profitability.

The expansion of store networks, particularly beyond Tier 1 cities, demonstrates the company’s strategic efforts to tap into wider market segments and reach more customers. The information about EBITDA growth and fluctuations provides insights into the financial performance and operational dynamics of Medplus Health Services Ltd. Overall, these updates offer a comprehensive understanding of the company’s recent activities and their impact on its financial and operational results.

The additional information provided in the separate filing by Medplus Health Services Ltd adds more insight into recent developments and changes within the company:

– Employee Stock Option Allotment: The company announced the allotment of 46,478 equity shares to employees under the Employee Stock Option Plan, 2021. This allocation of shares as part of the employee stock option plan is a way for the company to provide employees with ownership and an opportunity to benefit from the company’s growth.

– Paid-Up Share Capital Increase: As a result of the equity shares allotment to employees, the company’s paid-up share capital has increased. The paid-up share capital has risen from 11,93,05,676 equity shares of Rs 2 each (amounting to Rs 23,86,11,352) to 11,93,52,154 equity shares of Rs 2 each (totaling Rs 23,87,04,308). This reflects the company’s issuance of additional shares to accommodate the employee stock option plan.

– Share Performance: Medplus Health Services Ltd’s shares have experienced positive performance over different timeframes. Year-to-date (YTD), the shares have seen a notable increase of 46 percent. Looking at the one-year timeframe, the return on shares stands at 22 percent.

These details provide an understanding of the company’s efforts to involve employees in its growth through the allocation of shares under the employee stock option plan. The increase in paid-up share capital aligns with this allocation. Furthermore, the share performance figures provide insights into the market’s response to the company’s operations and announcements over the mentioned timeframes.



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