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Parle’s Reign In-Home: Britannia’s Domination Out-Of-Home in 2023

Parle’s Reign In-Home: Britannia’s Domination Out-Of-Home in 2023

The annual Brand Footprint study by Kantar India, released on Thursday, revealed that Parle, a locally produced biscuit brand, maintained its position as India’s most popular in-home FMCG brand for the eleventh consecutive year in 2022.

The research rates companies according to their consumer reach points, or CRPs, a metric that combines the penetration of a brand into homes with the frequency of purchases made by those households over a year. In 2022, Parle’s CRP was 7,449 million.

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Over 408 brands and 107 billion CRPs are measured in the report for the food, home care, health & beauty, drinks, snacking, and dairy sectors. To account for changes in consumer behaviour and brand preferences, Kantar divided the most popular universe of brands for CY2022 into an in-home list and a newly created out-of-home (OOH) list.

Britannia, with a CRP score of 498 million, came in first on the OOH list in 2022. It also placed second on the list of in-home products, behind Amul (5,719 million), Clinic Plus (4,382 million), and Tata Consumer Products (3,040). With 2,162 million CRPs, the ITC cookie brand Sunfeast became the first to appear on the Top 10 in-home list. Bingo, another ITC brand in the snacks category, entered the Top 50 for the first time in 2022 after moving up 13 spots from 54th to 41st.

Britannia was followed in the top five OOH FMCG list by the snacking brands Haldiram’s (374 million), Cadbury (353 million), Balaji (283 million), and Parle Products (269 million). The top five OOH beverage brands were Frooti (57 million), Thums Up (45 million), Amul (44 million), Maaza (40 million), and Sprite (32 million).

Britannia noses ahead of market leader Parle - The Hindu BusinessLine

Food and drink account for 70% of household spending, which explains why they are highly represented on both in-home and out-of-home lists, according to K Ramakrishnan, MD, South Asia, Worldpanel Division at Kantar. “Consumers are travelling more often to make purchases.

This expands their choices and alternatives, according to Ramakrishnan. Over the past five years, consumer reach points have grown by about 50%. And in only five years, he claimed, the number of brands in the Billion CRP Brand club rose from 16 to 28.

The Billion CRP Brand list for CY2022 included Balaji, Lux, Sunsilk, and Nirma. Additionally, in 2022, the CRP of more than half the brands in the food (58%), health and beauty (52%) and beverage (70%) categories increased. Dairy brands had low penetration but increased frequency overall, with FMCG brands increasing their share by 56%.

In the evolving Indian market, where local and global brands fiercely compete for consumer attention, a pair of enduring giants continue to dominate. Parle, the king of in-home consumption, and Britannia, the leader of out-of-home, underscore how an ingrained understanding of local consumer tastes and trends and strategic brand positioning can drive lasting success.

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Parle Products Pvt. Ltd, a brand synonymous with quality baked goods in India, has entrenched itself as the top in-home brand for 2023. Parle’s deep connection with Indian households is not accidental but the result of meticulously crafted business strategies and consumer-centric approaches.

Their iconic brand, Parle-G, is considered the staple biscuit of India, consistently found in most Indian homes. Parle-G has maintained its firm grip on the market thanks to nostalgia, brand trust, consistent product quality, and affordability. Its time-honoured tagline, “G for Genius,” has cemented its place in the hearts of millions of Indians.

However, Parle’s dominance is not limited to Parle-G alone. The company’s broad portfolio, including brands like KrackJack, Monaco, and Hide & Seek, caters to consumer preferences. Its diversified product range, which includes sweet and savoury biscuits, confectioneries, snacks, and rusk, has helped Parle maintain its leadership position in in-home consumption.

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In the past few years, Parle has smartly leveraged the rise of health consciousness among Indian consumers. Introducing various healthier options, such as multigrain biscuits and low-sugar alternatives, has helped them tap into a growing consumer segment that values health and wellness without sacrificing taste.

While Parle rules the in-home consumption space, Britannia Industries Ltd is the undisputed leader in the out-of-home category. Britannia’s innovative, on-the-go product lines and strategic marketing campaigns have positioned it at the forefront of this domain.

Britannia’s product portfolio, including Good Day, Marie Gold, NutriChoice, and the famous Tiger biscuits, offer versatile snacking options that resonate well with consumers outside their homes. The single-serve packaging, healthy choices, and indulgent flavours have found a significant market among office-goers, students, travellers, and those seeking quick, convenient bites.

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Britannia’s savvy understanding of its consumers has led it to introduce products that cater to out-of-home consumption trends. The introduction of ‘Britannia Milk Bikis’, ‘Treat’, and ‘5050’ appeals to younger consumers, and their easy portability makes them a perfect choice for school lunches, short trips, or quick office breaks.

An important factor behind Britannia’s out-of-home dominance is its extensive distribution network. Britannia products are ubiquitous in railway stations, airports, educational institutions, and office pantries, ensuring the brand is always within arm’s reach when hunger strikes.

As we delve into 2023, Parle and Britannia continue to dominate their respective markets through an intricate understanding of their consumer base and timely innovation. They are prime examples of how consistent quality, branding, and strategic product development can hold a brand’s reign in a fiercely competitive market.


Despite the success of both brands, they must remain agile and innovative in their strategies. The FMCG landscape is constantly changing, and consumer preferences are increasingly unpredictable. Emerging trends, such as digital transformation, sustainability, and demand for plant-based or organic options, are areas these giants must watch closely to ensure their continued leadership in the Indian market.

While Parle continues to be the comfort food that Indian households reach out for, Britannia has carved a niche for itself as the on-the-go snack of choice. However, their continued success will depend on adapting and innovating in the evolving consumer landscape.



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