Raask social media app – a Made in India alternative to Tik Tok launched by Media Officers

The recent ban of 59 Chinese made apps by the Indian Government stating multiple reasons, including security and privacy issues, included the immensely popular Tik Tok. This social media app had over 119 million followers in India. 

There was a growing concern about what would happen to the huge follower base of this app. Would there be a similar app like Tik Tok which could be Made in India?  

Noted digital marketing agency, web design & development company Media officers have come up with a brilliant Made in India solution to Tik Tok with their Raask app.

 Raask is an advanced user friendly app similar to Tik Tok. Speaking at the launch of this app yesterday in Rupnagar, Punjab, Directors Rudhrah Keshav, Rudhrah Gourav and Saurabh Dingra said that this was their Indian answer to the Tik Tok.  “If you ask, is this a Tik Tok like Indian app? The answer is a yes, but even better. ” 

The key highlights of Raask include:

  • Allowing the user to create and share short videos through this social media platform. 
  •  Video dubbing
  • A wide choice of filters to use  
  • Enhanced user engagement through the editing, sharing, liking and commenting options. 
  • The spirit of Made in India captured in its entirety – right from the logo of Raask which includes the image of the National Bird – the Peacock, to the name which has been derived from Sanskrit to mean a form a entertainment 
  • Media officers have demarcated 10 % of its revenue earned from Raask as a donation for artists to support and help improve their standard of living.

When Director Rudhrah Keshav was asked if Raask was similar to Tik Tok and if it was a substitute for Tik Tok, he mentioned that this was a more fun, and engaging app. He was optimistic that it would be welcomed by the huge Indian base of social media app users and receive a better download and usage response than Tik Tok.

Download Link :

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