The Strategy Boutique: Revolutionising consulting, one client at a time

“The idea was, and still is, to make unique, pragmatic and professional consulting services available and affordable for all.”

With growing economies and entrepreneurship at its peak, more and more businesses need consulting to help them achieve the mission and vision they seek. However, back in the early 2000s, with a handful of big consulting firms, one was left with little choice – that is, to either spend a bomb hiring one of them or working with individual consultants. While this was prevalent and the out was decent, these arrangements were rarely sustainable.
Realizing this gap and wanting to contribute, a team of dedicated individuals from the world’s top institutes envisioned to create a breakthrough in the boutique consulting space. Thus, laying the foundation of The Strategy Boutique. The idea was to make unique, pragmatic and professional consulting services available and affordable for all.
MBA and PhD professionals from Universities across Europe and Asia formed a robust team. Each partner or advisor comes from a remarkable background of industry expertise, global experience and immense value addition to enhance the all aspects of The Strategy Boutique.
After completing his MBA from Warwick Business School in 2006, post a Masters in Economics from the University of Leeds, and undergraduate from Hindu College, University of Delhi, Abhinav Srivastava, one of the co-founders, came back to India and initiated the operations of TSB with a head office in Delhi. Consistency, quality work and keeping the clients satisfied have always been the key priorities of the firm. Abhinav’s consulting clients include some of the biggest names across a plethora of industries, many of whom he has serviced and continues to service for over 5 years now.
Apart from being a highly skilled management consultant, having previously worked with organizations like FICCI, McKinsey and Co. and Grant Thornton, Abhinav is also an expert in development economics. He has previously been a speaker at the American Economics Association’s annual economics convention at San Francisco and has also authored a book on Microeconomics with a colleague and partner.
As part of the growth plan, Richa Agarwal, who joined the firm as an intern in 2016, is now heading operations at TSB, and brings to the table a significant dynamic of development consulting. With innovative technologies and initiatives that drive social change, Richa strongly believes in generating impact and making a difference in people’s lives through her work.
Richa has been instrumental in spearheading projects related to Healthcare in Africa, menstrual health and environmental sustainability across Asia and Middle East as well as key initiatives in the Diversity and Inclusion domain.
With maintaining close relationships and goodwill with all past clients, TSB continuously endeavors to broaden its horizons to a wider range of projects across multiple sectors with an increasing number of clients from USA, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa. One of The Strategy Boutique’s first client was a mid-tier USA based equestrian firm wanting to expand into Asia and Middle East. Not only has that client successfully achieved its objective with TSB’s services, it has continued to work with TSB for over 6 years now.
TSB’s approach is to use our expertise, experience, networks and diversity to bring simple but powerful solutions to businesses, on issues pertaining to market entry, strategy, modelling, resourcing. Over the last 6 years, TSB has successfully helped small and medium firms seek expert advice and flourish in their businesses making consulting services accessible to all – including Pharmaceutical and healthcare, sports, luxury products and services, technology, F&B, real estate, banks and financial institutions, international trade among other sectors.
The business world is a difficult and risky place. The consulting space, a world heavily controlled by a few multi-crore companies with big teams of MBA clad consultants, is no exception. The Founders took on a challenge to bring to this space a client-tailored service that aimed to create its own niche in the market. The beginning was not easy, convincing people to hire consultants from a small firm than going to a big 4. However, hard work never goes waste. With dedication and seamless service, The Strategy Boutique eventually gained respect and a reputation. The dream has developed into a successful venture with a turnover of over Rs.1.5 crore from their India businesses alone, and the team has grown across geographies and sectors. TSB continues to treat each client with utmost dedication and lives by its motto, ‘Honest Consulting’.

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