Rainbow Six Siege: tips and tricks to use during games

First-person shooters are just the perfect pick after a long boring day. Tom Clancy gives us one of the best first-person shooter gaming experiences in his popular Rainbow Six Siege. However, you’ll need more than the regular adrenaline surge common with gamers when they grab those pads.

A typical gamer from shooter games such as COD will habitually jump into the game, sprinting and spraying bullets all over the place. Well, Rainbow Six Siege is different from that, and we’ll show you how to approach Siege in this article. Meanwhile, we recommend you check out some Rainbow Six Siege Cheats that can enhance your game.

Tips and tricks to use during Rainbow Six Siege

  1. Pre-fire first before appearing

There are many ways to avoid hits from too many bullets, and a common way is by pre-firing. Pre-firing refers to a technique where players shoot while behind cover before they come out to the open. This trick is simple but can give players a really tough time.

Simply move your crosshair in the direction where you want your bullet to travel while behind a cover. Then send bursts of bullets flying out while you’re moving out to a nearby cover. It makes any enemies who may have been on the other side to run for cover, giving you a chance to move without being hit. This will also help you deal some damage to the enemy while you’re moving.

  1. Sound identification rocks

This tip applies to almost any tactical shooter game out there. You must know what produces different sounds in the game. More so, you should be able to identify the sounds that come from different kinds of guns in the game. That way, you’ll be able to tell if your gun is a match for the heavy machine gun that streams a long torrent of bullets in a second.

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If you hear thick resounding blasts, you can tell it’s a sniper. Rainbow Six Siege has developers who went a long way in making sound in the game as realistic as possible. With a good headset, you can use sound to determine details such as how far the next player is from you.

  1. Minimize noise

Just the same way other elements and players make sound around you, your character also produces sound. In addition to the noise made from your guns, you can also be loud when sprinting across areas where the environment is calm.

By doing this, you only draw the attention of nearby players, including enemies, to your position. The best way to move in the game is by walking, only running when it’s necessary. To walk in the game, press down the Left Alt key while using the arrow keys. Releasing the WASD key during movements will make your character break into a sprint, creating more noise.

  1. Enhance your guns with attachments

You don’t necessarily need to unlock the next big gun available in the game. Sometimes, you just need to boost your gun’s performance by adding some attachments to it. Attachments in the game are designed to help your weapon perform better in areas such as sight and accuracy.

Some attachments help to reduce your weapon’s recoil. The grips, for example, help to reduce your weapon’s recoil and increase your adsing speed. We also recommend getting scopes with a minimum magnification of 1.5x for your guns. However, you must note that different attachments walk best on different maps.

  1. Use traps wisely

Different characters have abilities that make them function uniquely. These abilities also include traps that they can use both on the offensive and defensive. In addition to the heavy damage these traps can achieve, you must know how to place them for maximum results.

A notable trap is the bear trap. Frost’s bear trap will serve you best at the top of staircases or behind windows on the ground floor of buildings. With any of these two placements, your unsuspecting victims will hardly see the trap and will quickly fall.

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Rainbow Six Siege is not like your regular fast games such as COD: Warzone and the likes. It’s a slow-paced game that can be enjoyable if you use the tricks mentioned in this article. Take your time and avoid sprinting around, as this will only warrant unnecessary attention and avoidable combat.

More so, go for weapon attachments to help you improve your guns to perform at maximum. Lastly, use your traps with caution.

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