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Rise of Digital Health technologies- Clinics & Online Doctor Consultation In the Post Pandemic Era

Ever since the world started investing in technological advancements, everyone expected complete adoption of the same in almost all industries, except health care. However, looking at the current situation and statistics, the healthcare industry has become one of the prime industries in the world today to make the best use of digital technologies available. They do this by ensuring complete efficiency and the availability of an exceptional paid and free online doctor consultation to the entire population.

Initially, the goal was to slowly build up the pace of this adoption and make it a full-fledged reality in time to come. However, the unexpected outbreak of the coronavirus in the entire world sped up the entire process and today almost every part of the world can now avail of paid and free online doctor consultation from the comfort of their homes. So, what do you think are the main contributing factors in the sudden rise of digital health clinics in the world today? Let us discuss below-

Top Contributing Factors in the rise of Digital Health Clinics:

Covid-19; Safety

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One of the key concerns of every individual, including the healthcare workers, is the safety and security of movement during the ongoing pandemic. The availability of health clinics in physical form could no longer take a load of non-Covid patients as they needed more attention. However, this lack of attention and sufficient medical support to assist with other medical issues is one of the key reasons contributing to the rise of digital health clinics and a paid and free online doctor consultation today.

This is because, with online doctor consultation, every individual can seek the right medical support and guidance from the comfort of the home, reducing the chances of getting infected by COVID-19 or spreading the same to other people.

Better Collaborations For Doctors

Out of the Ashes: Forging the Post-Pandemic U.S. Health System | RAND

Just like any other job role or profession, even the doctors have their own fields of expertise which is limited to just their knowledge and name alone. Yet, the concept of collaborative medical support did not work well in physical health clinics as every doctor would want to attract maximum patients to their clinics. This, at times, resulted in a lack of sufficient medical guidance from one particular doctor for each of his patients, which is the need of the hour as COVID-19 is peaking and dipping frequently.

But, with the availability of paid and free online doctor consultation in India, the opportunity and acceptance of collaborations between the doctors are higher as every doctor is supporting one another, keeping both patients and doctors happy. 

In the near future, with digital clinics, every healthcare worker will benefit from improved doctor-patient relationships.

More Opportunity; Better Choice

digital healthcare: Digital healthcare- In defense to fight the pandemic,  Health News, ET HealthWorld

Every job profession, including the medical healthcare workers, yearn for increased exposure and opportunities. When any medical worker joins a hospital or sets up their own health clinic, they are limited to the patients and population of that particular area, city or state alone.

However, with digital health clinics and paid and free online doctor consultation, the doctors are benefiting from increased exposure as the turnout of patients on the online health clinics is higher and more diverse. This is because digital health clinics are accessible from any part of the world and do not pose any location limitation. Moreover, the patients also have a larger group of doctors to choose from, from a global level, making it a more favourable situation in all medical conditions which need assistance, making it a win-win situation for both. 


Rise of digital health during pandemic energises commitment and  expectations of younger doctors | Healthcare IT News

Every aspect of your life today is controlled by technology, regardless of the nature of the activity. This includes buying clothes, groceries, cars, bank insurance, etc. from one place, while you are physically in another city, state or country altogether. This is because of the increased adoption of technology advancement and the effectiveness of digitisation. When you choose paid or free doctor consultation, you take the first step towards accepting the functional efficiency of digital clinics and encouraging others to do the same. The main reasons for that are, these online doctor consultations are more economical, save time and energy, offer an increased doctor base, are highly convenient and flexible, etc.

The digital clinics are said to be the main turning point for the medical industry, bringing in a whole new revolution, with better healthcare facilities available to one and all, from the comfort of their homes. The pandemic, even though proved to be one of the most difficult times for the entire world, still was the necessary push that greatly contributed to the rise of digital clinics and the acceptance of paid and free online doctor consultation.

In the post-pandemic era, It is expected that the future consumer trends highlight the need for safe and secure access to healthcare on online mediums only. According to statistics, approximately 89% of the overall population of the country is adopting digital health clinics as their preferred way to go in the present situation.

Prakriti Arora
Prakriti Arora
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