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The Country’s Second Wave Of COVID-19 Seems Uncontrollable! Will The Government Impose Lockdown Again?

Lockdown in 2021, the country’s second wave of corona seems uncontrollable. Currently, the country has endured more than 80,000 cases of corona within a day. In the eight states of the country (including UP, Punjab, Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Delhi), the second corona wave has increased rapidly. 

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Experts believe that the second wave of the corona is more dangerous. Not only is the number of infections increasing, but the number of deaths is also increasing rapidly.

Therefore, many cities in the country have imposed a lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus infection. The range of lockdown has gradually increased between cities every day.

Currently, many cities in certain states (not even the whole country) have implemented lockdown. Let us know the cities most affected by a coronavirus illness. In view of the severe situation facing Corona, many cities have also declared a complete lockdown.

So let’s know the COVID-19 conditions in the country.

Lockdown Signs of COVID-19 In Maharashtra

Since today, the partial lockdown in Pune has led to the highest number of corona cases in Maharashtra. Uddhav Thackeray, Chief Minister of Maharashtra, stated that if the current situation continues, the possibility of a lockdown cannot be ruled out.

Starting from today, a partial lockdown has been implemented in Pune. Pune imposed a 12-hour curfew for a week. Starting from this evening, a curfew will be imposed from 6 am to 6 am every day for a week. 

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All types of shopping centers and cinema halls, restaurants, food stores, etc. will be closed here. Only provide door-to-door service. The university, school, and college have been closed on April 30th.

Madhya Pradesh

Lockdown imposed in four areas: The Madhya Pradesh government has decided to impose lockdown in four cities of the state because of the increasing number of coronavirus cases. 

Lockdown has been imposed in Chhindwara and Ratlam from 10 pm to 6 pm on April 1, at Betul from 10 pm to 5 pm on April 2, and Khargone from 8 pm to 5 pm on April 2. The lockdown time will last until 6 o’clock.

Complete Lockdown In Durg District In Chhattisgarh

The Durg Regional Government of Chhattisgarh State has announced that it will implement a complete lockdown in the area from April 6 to 14. In the past 24 hours, Chhattisgarh has confirmed that 4,174 new immigrants have been infected with the coronavirus.

Chhattisgarh govt imposes Section 144 in Raipur amid rising COVID-19 cases,  issues guidelines for Holi | India News | Zee News

Not Currently A Lockdown In Delhi, But In The Future Also

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that although the country is facing a second wave of coronavirus, Delhi still faces the fourth wave. Even after that, the state government did not consider imposing a lockdown.

But he said that if there is a need in the future, a decision will be made based on public opinions. In view of the increasing number of corona cases in Uttar Pradesh, the corona-management in UP is strictly enforced.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has instructed to close all government and private schools under the eighth grade until April 11. There are currently 14,074 active cases of coronavirus infection in Uttar Pradesh. In the past 24 hours, the state capital Lucknow has 941 new cases, which is the largest number.

Cabinet Secretary’s Meeting On COVID-19

Federal Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gauba held an important meeting with the chief secretaries of all states on Friday to discuss the state of coronavirus.

During this period, people discussed 11 states where the situation is particularly worrying. These states include Delhi, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Punjab, Chhattisgarh, Kerala, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, and Chandigarh.

This year is the year which saw the most cases in a day. In India, after 81,467 new cases of corona arrived in one day, the total number of infections in the country increased to 1,23,03,132. These are the latest cases reported in the last six months.

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Now, the state of corona infection in the country is getting worse. In the past 24 hours, 89,020 new patients were found, while only 44,177 infected people were cured and 714 people died due to the epidemic.

The center said on Friday that 11 states and UT (union territories) are shocking due to the increase in Covid-19 cases that occur every day and have not shown the pace of implementation of prevention activities.

Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gauba chaired a high-level review meeting with the chief secretaries of all states and trade union regions, police chiefs, and health chiefs, and asked these states to take severe measures to prevent infection.

Increasing Cases In These States

According to the Ministry of Health, the eleven worrying states and union territories are Punjab, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Kerala, Chhattisgarh, Chandigarh, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, and Haryana.

The Ministry of Health stated that as of March 31, these states contributed 90% of Covid-19 cases within 14 days and 90.5% of deaths. Many states have surpassed or approached the highest number of cases last year.

The meeting considered the need to impose fines for violations of state regulations in accordance with the Police law, the Disaster Management Act, and other laws and administrative regulations so that the states can quickly comply.

The Cabinet Secretary noted the deterioration of the situation caused by Covid-19 in the last two weeks in September 2020. The Cabinet Secretary pointed out that the increase in cases in June last year was 5.5%, and in March 2021 it increased to 6.8%.

The Ministry of Health stated that during this period, the daily growth rate of deaths due to Covid-19 has also increased to 5.5%.

During the peak of the epidemic in September 2020, 97,010 new cases of coronavirus were reported, and 81,010 cases of infection have now been reported.

Strict restrictions in Pune, after reporting more than 8,000 cases within two days, were imposed in Pune, Maharashtra. From April 3, it has been decided to close restaurants, eateries, and bars for 7 days.

The curfew will be maintained from 6 pm to 6 am, and shopping malls, cinemas, and religious places will also be closed for seven days.

At the review meeting here on Friday chaired by Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar, in view of the increase in cases of coronavirus infection, the Durg District Administration of Chhattisgarh decided to start lockdown in the districts from April 6 to April 14. 

The area was sealed off on the 14th. Collector Sarveshwar Narendra Bhure stated that people are calling for staying in the house to be safe. In the past two weeks, there have been 10,297 new cases in the region.

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