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SkyJumper: Flying High with Innovation, End-to-End Execution, and Smart Strategies

Let’s start from the beginning.


SkyJumper Sports and Amusements Private Limited is an Indian company that has been making waves in the theme park industry since its inception in March 2017. The company was founded by two IT professionals, Jitender Chhabra and Suneel Dhar, who were inspired to introduce India to a healthy form of recreation that promotes fitness and a sporty lifestyle.


SkyJumper aims to offer a fun and exciting experience for people of all ages while promoting physical fitness, social interaction, and teamwork.

SkyJumper is the only Indian company capable of conceptualising, designing, developing, and operating trampoline parks locally. The company’s unique approach to the theme park industry has helped it to quickly establish itself as a leader in the field. SkyJumper has a team of over 200 talented professionals who are dedicated to ensuring that each park provides a safe and enjoyable experience for visitors.


The company currently has eight operational indoor theme parks located in different parts of India. Additionally, SkyJumper has three more parks under construction that are expected to open soon.


This company has ambitious plans to continue expanding and aims to have 20 operational indoor theme parks by the end of 2023.


SkyJumper’s vision is to become a global leader in the theme park industry. The company’s focus on values, vision, and integrity ensures that it remains committed to providing the highest quality experience to its customers.

The company’s emphasis on fitness and health has helped it attract a wide range of customers, including Millennials, iGens, Gen Alpha, and future generations.


With its focus on fitness, health, and social interaction, SkyJumper is helping to redefine what it means to have fun while promoting a healthy lifestyle. As the company continues to expand, it has set its sights on becoming a global leader in the theme industry.


Skyjumper’s Journey to success!

Jitender Chhabra and Suneel Dhar started their professional careers in the Indian IT sector, and during that time they travelled extensively to other countries. It is there when they learned about trampolining as a sport and a form of entertainment.


Initially they started by importing home use trampolines and exercise rebounders to India. Despite the small and niche market, SkyJumper gradually became synonymous with the word “Trampoline” in India as the duo spent a lot of effort educating customers on its applications and advantages.

Eventually, clients started seeing SkyJumper as a fun activity for both kids and adults with numerous health benefits.


Their success in the trampoline market gave them the confidence to introduce the Trampoline Park format in the Indian FEC Market.

Inspired by the “Make in India” campaign, the duo decided not to import but to develop in-house capabilities of designing and developing such a facility in India.


After multiple iterations of design and development, India was introduced to its first-ever indigenously-developed Trampoline Park on September 21, 2017. The park generated significant buzz among the youth of the city and quickly became talk of the town. This is when they realized that this model is Sacalable.

SkyJumper and its Culture: it’s core competency & hype.


  • The key to success lies in innovation – By coming up with a unique concept and employing innovative ways to develop it, SkyJumper Sports and Amusements Private Limited achieved its desired results at substantially lower costs and reduced external dependency.


  • Connecting with the upcoming generation was also crucial – The idea of promoting trampolining, an Olympic sport, as a form of theme park for the youth of India resonated strongly. It was the first time that kids had access to world-class infrastructure to learn tricks and flips on trampolines.


  • Leveraging the “Startup India Eco-System” was instrumental in accelerating the growth of SkyJumper. The team made the most of all available tools and exemptions listed for startups in India. In fact, SkyJumper is among the top 1% of registered startups that have been granted three years of corporate tax exemption by the Government of India. Also the company has been sshowcased in multiple Statup Events, one such being at Innovation hub at Dubai Expo 2020.


  • The company utilises Lean management techniques and process adherence – This helped to build a profitable and bootstrapped organisation with robust fundamentals. It is worth noting that company has been established without any VC funding and has No Loan liability.


  • Implementation Model – SkyJumper is committed to following ASTM guidelines for quality and safety standards, which are adopted by international trampoline parks across the globe. What sets SkyJumper apart is its ability to execute end-to-end processes, from concept designing to implementation, all managed in-house. This approach enables rapid expansion of quality development at significantly lower costs.


Financial Insight of SkyJumper.

The Indian Amusement Park Market is currently experiencing a thrilling ride, with its value exceeding a billion dollars and growing at a heart-racing pace of 16% CAGR. But the ride is not over yet, as the changing social and economic landscape of India promises to gear up the growth even further.


As for SkyJumper, their financial performance is soaring high, with a net revenue of Rs 37 Crore and a profit of Rs 18 Cr expected in FY 2022-23. The park’s revenue has leaped over 300% from the previous year, setting the stage for even more exhilarating growth in the upcoming year, with a forecast of Rs 78 Crore Net Revenue and Rs 40 Cr as Profit.


And that’s not all! SkyJumper’s trajectory is set to soar for the next five years, with a thrilling CAGR of over 75%. It’s a roller coaster ride that promises to keep adrenaline junkies and investors on the edge of their seats.


Capturing the boundless potential of SkyJumper’s future.

  • SkyJumper has a meticulously crafted roadmap for future growth and consumer experience.


  • The focus areas are engaging audiences of all age groups with two new formats: “SkyJumper Go Bananas” and “GenZ…The Teen Disco.”


  • The plan is to rapidly expand these formats across cities in India, with a target of 200+ operational outlets by 2027.


  • SkyJumper’s R&D team is exploring new forms of entertainment such as “Edutainment,” “E-Sports,” and “Indoor Water Parks.”


  • Operational efficiency remains central, with advancements in creating “Smart Parks” through the use of IoT, data analytics, and energy-efficient models and equipment.


The Driving Forces: Meet the Co-Founders Behind SkyJumper’s Success.


Jitender Chhabra, the visionary co-founder, brings a unique blend of technical expertise and business acumen to the table. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a Master’s in Business Administration, Jitender’s insatiable thirst for innovation and new technologies has been the driving force behind SkyJumper’s success. With over 14 years of experience in IT, he took the leap of faith to pursue his unconventional dreams.


Suneel Dhar, the mastermind behind SkyJumper’s execution, boasts an impressive 16-year career in IT technology and consulting on a global scale. As a Bachelor of Engineering degree holder, Suneel has overseen multiple large-scale delivery accounts for foreign clients. Along with his excellent leadership and people management skills, Suneel is a hardcore executor who can turn any company into a resounding success.



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