Talk on Tea: The Ultimate Destination for All the Tea Connoisseurs

Talk on Tea: The Ultimate Destination for All the Tea Connoisseurs


Founded in Delhi by Mohit Sharma, Talk on Tea(ToT) believes in the idea that tea is the sweet elixir of life, possessing the magic to wake you up from a deep slumber while brewing potency in your lives. This belief is shared not only by Indians in the subcontinent but also by people worldwide whose taste buds are being engulfed by this sweet aromatic beverage. The ToT Cafe intends to provide all tea lovers with an authentic experience of having meaningful conversations and strengthening their bonds over a cup of Chai. 

With tea being a quintessential part of the Indian culture, it is ToT’s core philosophy that tea is more than just a beverage- it is an age-old tradition, a bridge that connects people, a powerful medium of communication that gives tea enthusiasts a moment to pause, introspect and savour the moment.

In order to further this belief, ToT has curated an exquisite collection of teas ranging from Desi tea to more unique blends like coconut and vanilla teas and everything on their menu is under 100 Rupees. To further enhance your tea soirees, they offer an array of appetisers, finger food and milkshakes. Moreover, ToT also caters to non-chai drinkers by presenting them with their admirable collection of flavourful milkshakes and coffee beverages. 

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Chai holds a very special place in Indian culture and is an integral part of all our social gatherings. Whether it is the Desi Chai/traditional tea or the more modern variation- green tea, it is associated with hospitality and is served to guests as a display of warmth and welcome. Simmered in water and milk, the tea leaves, spices and sugar are added to create this harmonious and comforting beverage which is then sipped and savoured with every drop. 

Spread the love of tea: Open your own cafe

totcafe – tot (talk on tea) café

The ToT team, with already five functional franchisees, is looking to extend the tea cafe franchise opportunity to all individuals looking to establish a business in the food and beverage industry. With a robust business model in place, all the entrepreneurs can translate their love for the beverage and set up their own ventures. Due to the growing popularity of tea, you can expect a substantial return in just six to eight months. Since ToT is already a prominent player in the world of tea, franchisees can also take advantage of its brand recognition, marketing support, efficient support and training programs, HR and food support, and business planning and operations.

There are two franchise models that ToT offers- Kiosk Model and the Cafe Model. The starting capital required is space, raw materials, an exterior and interior set-up, a Tot Franchise licence, and more. ToT charges very economical Franchise Fees, differing for the kiosk and cafe models, which include several services like online/offline marketing, backend support, uniforms for staff members, inventory and billing software, FSSAI licence and many more.

All tea enthusiasts can join ToT’s ambition and take their passion for tea to new heights by investing a minimal amount and owning their own businesses. Check them out talkontea_tot

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totcafe – tot (talk on tea) café

The way India grows in its diversity and richness, tea also grows likewise since the process of preparing and brewing tea is an art form and hence, subjective. Though traditionally, it is a hot preparation, some find it refreshing over ice. ‘Chai Latte’ and ‘Chai Tea’ have become a staple in coffee shops and cafes and ToT wants individuals to tap into this ever-increasing love for tea. Talk on Tea aims to create an inclusive space where people can relax and rejuvenate, connect with others and celebrate the delight of chai. 

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