How technology is changing the gambling industry in India

Technology:Not many countries exemplify the influence of technology like India. The availability of cheap and even refurbished computers, smartphones, and other gadgets with affordable data available to the Indian population indicates the exposure of more Indians to technologies and the internet. India has more internet users than any country, except China.

It doesn’t matter if it is business or pleasure; many Indians’ daily activities have a touch of influence or full influence of technology. The effect of technology is seen and felt in education, healthcare, business, and even social interactions. One of the facets of life with the most impact of technology is entertainment.

Technology has brought all forms of entertainment to the comfort of our homes, and that includes casino games. An Indian casino player can now access traditional games such as Indian rummy, Andar Bahar, and Indian flush with exotic ones like Poker, slots, roulette, etc. with a click of a few buttons on either the PC or mobile devices from the comfort of his room.

Let’s explore some of the disruptive trends in the online gambling industry.

Online Gambling(How technology is changing the gambling industry in India)

In any discussion of the technological transformation of the gambling industry in India or the world, online gambling is the starting point. Gambling has a reputation for being an expensive hobby or pastime for those with deep pockets.

A visit to a traditional casino, most times, spares no expense. The cost of a flight ticket or traveling long distance, lodging in a hotel, drinking spree, among others, were not long-ago part of the expense of playing in casino games.

How technology is changing the gambling industry in India

Online casinos have changed all of that. It has brought the excitement and entertaining experience of a brick and mortar casino to everyone through their computer or mobile devices. Now, anyone can satisfy your gambling and gaming appetites without leaving the comfort of their room and unnecessary expenses.

Mobile gambling

It is hard to imagine living without our mobile devices. It has become part of our lives, and many people cannot function a day without it. An average Indian spends 42 minutes playing mobile games out of about 3 hours on smartphone time. What’s the catch? One of the benefits is accessing online services and social interaction on the go.

A Look into the Future of Mobile Casino Games

Whether it is booking your next flight or connecting with friends from different parts of the world on social media, it is like having the world at your fingerprint. The increased smartphone users in Indian suggest it was only a matter of time before the online casino industry took advantage of the on-the-go convenience of mobile devices, the popularity of mobile gaming and social media.

Several online casinos targeting the Indian online casino players, through the services of renowned software providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Booming Game, etc. have found the right mix of mobile gaming, social interaction, and gambling. With that combination, mobile gambling is here for the long haul.

VR technology

VR is another technology fad that is having a significant impact on the Indian gambling market. VR technology makes illusion feel like reality with fixed images, sensory-stimulating equipment, and computer programming. As expected, online casinos are tapping into the potential of VR technology to give their customers that entertaining and immersive experience of a traditional casino.

Tech Experts Predict 13 Areas AI And VR Are Set To Revolutionize

The slotMillion is the first online casino to employ VR technology to a significant effect. Adoption of the technology is gaining traction, especially with top casino software providers like NetEnt and Microgaming now offering it to online casinos.

Just like in a real casino, you can walk into a bar, have damsels by your side, smoke a cigar, have a drink, etc. Those are few of the dynamic, interactive, dramatic, and immersive casino environments casinos can employ to attract both the veteran gamblers and rookies. Only Creativity can limit an online casino using VR technology.


Three decades ago, it would be hard to imagine having the same immersive, interactive, and entertaining experience of a brick and mortar casino from the comfort of our sofa. How time changes? The gambling has gone through several transformations since the first online casino, and it is still evolving. Indian gambling market perfectly depicts that evolution, yet a lot of potential markets are still up for the taking.

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