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Tips and tricks for staying calm during a job interview

Job interviews can change a person’s life: during the short, intense moments that make up a job interview, the fate of the person taking it hangs by a very delicate thread, as if they were precariously balanced on a rope stretched at both ends of a precipice. In order to experience it at its best, without letting yourself be disturbed by anxiety and restlessness, you need to find the right mental approach to such a significant moment, sweeping away what is not needed and leaving room only for a state of calm and bliss that will prove extremely useful at the decisive moment.

The most important thing is the preparation: a short meeting so full of meanings for people, for their present and for their future, must be planned in every detail, as if one were drawing up a military strategy for the conquest of an impregnable stronghold. The most important aspect on these occasions is the state of mind in which you approach the discussion. If you arrive at the meeting in an agitated, sweaty and visibly tense state, your chances of success will be drastically reduced. In a meeting of this kind, the content of the discussion almost takes second place: what will strike your interviewer first is your non-verbal language, your posture, the way you decide to present your experiences and strengths. If the content of the interview is presented in an atmosphere of calm, confidence and unperturbedness, you will certainly gain points in your favour, with a good chance that the employer will decide to bet on you without hesitation.

Achieving mental calm

In order to prepare for a job interview in the best possible way, however, you also need to keep in mind all the things you should not do, all those (even unconscious) attitudes that could negatively affect those very delicate moments before the interview, those crucial moments when you sit alone (or in a group) in a waiting room, ready to face your fate. Once you get to that point, there is no point in trying to revise something or memorise information at the last moment: all these attempts will be perfectly useless. If you have prepared properly, you will certainly have gathered as much information as you can about your possible employer in the previous days, plus a general brushing up on your specific skills. Nor should you obsessively search for digital guides or tips on how best to approach an interview, as they will almost certainly be full of completely useless information.

Focus on the moments before the interview

All you need to do is to create a state of mental calm that allows you to face the discussion in a serene, unflappable way, without the slightest trace of anxiety. So forget about Google and the advice of job interview gurus, and concentrate solely on yourself, trying to relax as much as possible. For those who enjoy sitting meditation, the moments before the interview are a great time to concentrate and try to clear your mind of all unnecessary thoughts. The same effect can be achieved with all the activities that keep your mind busy, and which may distract you for a few minutes from the tension of the upcoming interview. Take the opportunity to access your email and delete all the excess messages, that annoying digital ballast that weighs down your inbox and prevents it from running smoothly. Do the same with instant messaging applications, deleting old conversations and creating new space for your mobile phone.

Alternatively, you could also play one of the many free video games on smartphone application platforms. After spending ten minutes playing a video game, you can rest assured that your mind will be completely free of the tension that was previously in it. The entertainment potential of smartphones is also well known to some of the best online gambling platforms, where players can play for free and try out the best mobile slots of 2022, immersing themselves in a dimension of unlimited fun and adrenaline, in total safety. In fact, the games are carefully selected by a qualified team of experts, who choose them according to strict criteria based on the reputation, safety and user-friendliness of each game.

Before the most delicate moments of your life, such as job interviews, what you need to do is to find a way to free your mind, even for a few minutes, leaving room only for calm.



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