Top 10 Best Dedicated Server Companies in India 2022

Top 10 Best Dedicated Server Companies in India 2022

Dedicated Server Hosting is one of the best hosting services available. Dedicated Servers combine the best features of shared, reseller, and virtual private servers while offering additional benefits.

The purpose of a Virtual Private Server is to isolate a portion of the host server and use it as a standalone server as part of the more excellent host server. Dedicated servers are purchased or rented by a client who does not share the server with anyone else. Depending on the terms and conditions of the hosting agreement, they may use this server in different ways.

Several web hosts offer dedicated hosting services. Find out more about India’s top 10 hosting providers by looking at this list. Dedicated hosting is available from these different providers, and you can pick the right one for your business. Since this industry is rapidly growing, there are many innovators and front-runners.


How Do Dedicated Servers Work?

Best Dedicated Hosting Provider | Hosting, Web hosting services, Cheap hosting

Hosted on Best Dedicated Servers, your website and business will be on a server that is entirely dedicated to your needs. Essentially, you have complete access to the server and don’t share its resources. Additionally, you have much more control over how things work on the server.

Aside from maintaining and managing the server yourself, you also have to maintain and manage the server yourself.

Although you are the only user of the server, you are not the official owner of the server. Instead, you are merely leasing this server for a given period. In large data centres, servers are usually mounted on the wall.

Depending on the kind of management you choose, you may have server administrators looking after your server in these data centres. Suppose you do not get this as part of your Best Dedicated Server hosting plan. In that case, the arduous task of configuring, maintaining, and managing the server may have to be undertaken by you.


Top 10 Best Dedicated Server Companies in India 2022

  1. RedSwitches – Fastest, Optimized & Dedicated Servers in India
  2. For storage space, HostGator is the best
  3. The Best Overall Web Hosting Company – ResellerClub
  4. The best budget-friendly website builder – SiteGround
  5. HostPapa – Affordable, Reliable and Best Hosting Service
  6. Cheap Web Hosting India with iPage
  7. Website hosting for technology-intensive websites – InMotion
  8. Eco Web Hosting by GreenGeeks
  9. A Small Business Solution from HostingRaja
  10. BigRock– Best Secure Hosting server in India

For a better understanding, let’s take a closer look at these companies:


1. RedSwitches

In less than 10 years, RedSwitches has grown from a small university 
bedroom into a global business, with raving customers, infrastructure in 8
locations and high-speed access to the entire world.

Their customers are designers, developers, entrepreneurs, e-retailers,
streaming services, SaaS companies and more. They need service that is
fast, reliable and cost-efficient.

RedSwitches help them get what client need– servers, service or advice– to give
them the confidence that their apps, websites and services will function
reliably, while they’re focused on what they do best.

Every time one of top companies succeeds in meeting their goals, that
adds another piece to redswitches story. Of course redswitches is proud of what they have accomplished.

That’s why RedSwitches customers know that they can count on them to
provide the best and most attentive service in the hosting industry

RedSwitches Offer Managed Servers , Infrastructure Hosting, VPS & Cloud Nodes, Virtual Private Servers, PaaS, CaaS.

Their servers are based in Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Washington DC, Australia etc

HostGator Web Hosting Review | PCMag

2. Hostgator

India based clients may rely on Hostgator, one of the oldest web hosts. Keeping costs affordable for all, they are known for their Cloud-based hosting environment. Aside from that, the hosting giant also stands out for its reliability, speed, and excellent support.

Pricing: Newly developed sites may choose a more extensive package according to their website’s needs. Shared hosting plans begin at just $99/month. There might be a low introductory price covering all the features of a start-up website. Still, the prices might not be competitive enough for more advanced features, such as Gmail access, data backups, Sitelock monitoring, SEO tools, and others. When checking out, you should keep these aspects in mind.

Uptime: For months, Hostgator has maintained an uptime of 99.98%. If Hostgator’s downtime guarantee fails to maintain a minimum level of 99.90% uptime, you receive a free month’s credit to your hosting account.

The terms do not include any preplanned maintenance and unpredictable attacks. Customers may request their credit through a support ticket within 30 days for any other issues.

Features: As a Hostgator web host reviewer, they prioritize guaranteed 99.9% uptime, 24*7 technical support, and a 45-day money-back guarantee. Hostgator, for instance, gives you unlimited email accounts, a free secure SSL certificate, and a free domain with the basic shared hosting plan. They also limit you to 10GB of disk space, 100GB of data transfer, and five email accounts for free.


  • Uptime of 100%
  • Reliable support
  • Backup, SSL, and free migration
  • Money-Back Guarantee for 45 Days
  • Domain Names for Free
  • Migration of your Cpanel and website for free
  • User-friendly functionalities
  • Bandwidth and space are unmetered


  • Renewal Rates are High
  • The basic plan does not include free SSL


Boost your business with ResellerClub's best Linux Reseller Hosting plans - YouTube

3. ResellerClub

Reselling the hosting services of other firms is what ResellerClub is all about. This company based in India serves more than 200,000+ clients in 150+ countries. ResellerClub is owned by Endurance International Group (EIG), so there is no need to worry about being a reputable company.

Prepayment is the basis for their payment system. To resell, you must first make an advance deposit into your account. When you purchase your account, the respective funds are deducted. This advance deposit has no time limit, so you can use it however you want.


  • CPU with two cores
  • Unmetered Space on Disk
  • RAM of 2 GB
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Email accounts are unlimited
  • One website to host
  • Certificates for free


SiteGround Hosting Review - Real Test Data + Pros And Cons

4. SiteGround

The shared hosting environment of SiteGround makes it one of the best web hosts in India. The company started in 2004 and has grown to become a giant in the hosting industry. As of right now, they offer WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated server hosting. Their hosting service has hosted over 2,000,000 domains so far in a concise amount of time.

Pricing: Hosting your website with SiteGround starts at $3.95/month. The price rate for the first month is relatively high and sounds a bit too good to be true. While registering for the first time, you can also look at the other shared hosting packages.

Nevertheless, renewal costs go up, and nearly every best hosting in India uses this price trick. Lastly, SiteGround pricing requires paying a $14.95 setup fee if you only go for a single month of registration.

Uptime: SiteGround’s 99% average uptime wins our hearts regarding server uptime, and the uptime peak was set on purpose. They agree to give you a free month of hosting service if they fail to meet their uptime guarantee of 99.9%. Nevertheless, you are exempt from the terms and conditions if emergency maintenance or scheduled issue occurs.

Features: The features offered by SiteGround are extensive. The minor shared hosting plan will afford you enough resources to launch a single website. The platform provides 10 GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, free WordPress installation, free CDN, complete databases, daily backups, and a free SSL certificate.


  • High-budget best
  • Uptime is good (99.99%)
  • Servers with extreme speed
  • The page loaded in 673 milliseconds on a stable connection
  • Customer Support that is second to none
  • Backups every day for free
  • Traffic that is not metered
  • SSL and email for free
  • The Cloudflare Content Delivery Network (90 countries)


  • A free domain is not included in the basic plan
  • Renewal rates increase


Web Hosting from HostPapa - Get Started

5. HostPapa

HostPapa is an independent web host based in Toronto, Canada, that offers various web hosting services. The web hosting brands provide multiple benefits for small businesses, including VPS servers and shared hosting. Because of its pocket-friendly plans, HostPapa has been a leading choice for emerging entrepreneurs since 2006.

Pricing: Upon committing to the shared hosting plan for three years, the price will be ₹199 per month. Unless you’re getting a special discount, the Pro plan will cost you $ 699 per month. There are four price tiers for VPS hosting, starting at $2,699 and going up to $18,499.

Uptime: A 99.9% uptime guarantee combined with above-average performance makes HostPapa India’s best and most reliable web host.

Features: Among the features of Hostpapa’s hosting is unlimited bandwidth, SSD storage, free migration of websites, free installation of domain names and SSL certificate for no additional charge, and one-click script installation.


  • Domain name for free
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Time To First Byte (TTFB) impressive
  • Install WordPress with a single click
  • 30-Day No-Risk Guarantee
  • Website migration is FREE and painless
  • Easy-to-use website builder


  • Hosting for Windows is not available
  • Dedicated servers are not available


iPage Web Hosting - Review 2021 - PCMag India

6. iPage

iPage is another web hosting service provider in India founded in 1998 to meet the needs of every online business. Over a million websites are hosted in its two data centres. IPage’s impeccable shared hosting plan makes it a top 10 web hosting provider in India. The platform has received some of the best hosting company reviews due to its ability to host various sites at a relatively low price.

Pricing: iPage kept its pricing simple, keeping only one shared hosting plan at $1.99/month. Our team found this among the most affordable plans we’ve seen. Furthermore, the features it offers are just enough to get your desired blog off to a good start. Everyone was eager to try something else with a higher price or fewer upgrades. 

The lowest price can only be obtained by signing up for three years in advance. Therefore, you will incur a lower cost if you sign up for a more extended period. Shorter periods will be more expensive, and your renewal price will increase according to your subscription period.

Uptime: In this best domain hosting review, we would consider uptime one of the positive factors. Unless iPage can keep the uptime high, none of the other features will matter. However, 99.96% uptime was pleasing to us, which has been constant over the last 24 months. Web hosting providers should be pleased with that.

Features: iPage’s single shared hosting plan offers a pretty comprehensive set of features, as we’ve mentioned earlier. Registration of domains is free, as is website building, free SSL certificates, email addresses, domain transfers, and thousands of free templates.


  • 99.96% Uptime
  • Builder for websites
  • Customer support is good
  • Domain name for free
  • SSL for free
  • Hosting at an affordable price
  • Support for third-party applications


  • It is not possible to host Windows
  • Domains with high prices
  • cPanel is not available


InMotion Hosting Review | ProfileTree

7. InMotion

Hosting company InMotion is one of the most famous names in the industry. Founded in 2001, it has offices in numerous different countries. Currently, the company hosts about 300,000 domain names across two data centres maintained by the company. The bad times have shown that many hosting giants have poorly acted. Here you’ll learn whether InMotion Hosting is worth a shot through our brutally honest hosting company review.

Pricing: InMotion Hosting is another big player that tries to hook you up with cheap-looking pricing. Does it look that way? Shared hosting plans start at just $3.99/month; the preliminary plan is Launch. Two other projects are very affordable.

Price tricks like this are used to lure customers. The low price only applies to those who sign up for a minimum of 24 months. Subscriptions tend to be more expensive if you choose a shorter period, such as 12 months.

Uptime: Web hosting’s uptime is one of its most essential features, and poor uptime can cause all sorts of problems. That being said, InMotion Hosting seems to have done well, and in the past 24 months, they have consistently maintained 99.95% uptime.

Features: InMotion Hosting is an excellent choice for beginners and established businesses despite its tricky pricing. The plan includes:

  • Free domain registration.
  • 40 GB of storage space.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • A free SSL certificate.
  • Other features are to host at least two websites simultaneously.


  • More than 400 integrations
  • SSL & Domain Free
  • All plans include SSD drives
  • Money-Back Guarantee for 90 Days
  • Email and unlimited bandwidth
  • Protection from DDOS
  • Certificate of private SSL for free
  • Build your website for free


  • Starting fees aren’t so low
  • CDN is omitted
  • Verification Process Delayed


GreenGeeks web hosting review | ITProPortal

8. GreenGeeks

As a web hosting company, GreenGeek has been operating since 2008 and has done a remarkable job thus far. Over 150 countries can now access GreenGeek’s services from their two data centres. Shared hosting, GreekGeek’s primary hosting plan, is known for its eco-friendliness.

Pricing: Hosting provider GreenGeeks claims to be the best in India, offering plans for just $2.95 per month. The company doesn’t claim there are any hidden fees, though. The lowest rate is only available after three years of signup, and registering only for a month may cost you $9.95.

Uptime: One of GreenGeeks’ bold claims is its 99.90% uptime guarantee. Since we have been testing their machine for quite some time, we have experienced nearly flawless 99.98% uptime for the past 24 months.

Features: You can install apps with one click, get unlimited bandwidth and storage, become an SSL certified website, get free domain registration for the first year, and use a PowerCacher tool.


  • 99.98% Uptime on average
  • SSD space and bandwidth are unlimited
  • Good support
  • Build a website for free
  • Money back guarantee of 30 days
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Cloudflare CDN and free SSL


  • Renewals at a high price
  • 24-hour support isn’t available
  • DataCenters in Asia are not available


How To Use Hostingraja Support | 24/7 Calling, Ticket, No

9. Hosting Raja

Several HostingRaja’s customers are in India. They offer web hosting services and are always eager to increase their knowledge in this field to help their clients achieve their goals. Their affordable plans include many features. Furthermore, they offer the most popular products, which are based on Windows and Linux, in addition to the required infrastructure and technical expertise.

The best Indian hosting services are provided 24/7 by engineers who ensure an uptime of 99.9%, which is extremely rare among other hosting companies. In addition, they offer 24/7 technical support and customer service.


  • SSD with 90GB of disk space
  • RAM of 4GB
  • 14TB of bandwidth
  • Remote Desktop Protocol/Administrator Access
  • FREE SSL Certificate
  • Control Panel Plesk – FREE
  • Google-friendly
  • Database support for MSSQL/MySQL
  • No extra charge for backup/restore


BigRock Web Hosting Reviews | Affordable VPS Plans | HostingFacts.Net

10. BigRock

It might surprise you to learn that Bigrock was founded in India by the co-founder of Resellerclub and Logic boxes, who had co-founded the businesses at 16 and 17. For $160 million, the two companies were sold.

Bigrock has an office in Mumbai, India, despite being a subsidiary of Endurance International Group. Endeavour International Group mainly focuses on serving medium-sized and small business clients online.


  • One website to host
  • SSL Certificate for Free
  • CPU with two cores
  • Disk space of 1 GB
  • RAM of 2 GB
  • The bandwidth of 10 GB
  • Certificates for free
  • Money-back guarantee of 30 days


Do You Need Dedicated Server Hosting?

Mistakes That Clients Frequently Do When Buying Dedicated Servers
The factors listed in this web hosting checklist should be considered while selecting a hosting provider. Hosting on a Dedicated Server may be the right option for you for many reasons. Let’s say that you are in a field that requires resource-demanding software. Your company may have outgrown shared hosting or virtual private servers.

Some of you may even believe that your site will consume much bandwidth, disk space, or RAM. Sometimes you will need a Dedicated Server, but before you purchase the Dedicated Server, there are more factors to consider.


Hosting Features Of The Best Dedicated Servers

Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting vs Cloud Hosting

After careful consideration, a dedicated server hosting service should be chosen to ensure that it is the right choice for you. Taking this route can be expensive if you don’t get what you need. The top Dedicated Server hosting companies should offer quality customer service, customized features and ease-of-use, and security and reliability.

  • Customer service of the highest quality

You may be unfamiliar with configuring, maintaining, and managing a dedicated server if you’re new. Good support is crucial at this point. If your site goes down, it is essential to get expert, professional, and dedicated help as soon as possible.

  • Features that are customized and easy to use

Because dedicated servers are usually marketed to companies with high traffic and resource requirements, they come with software and features that make this process much more manageable. Therefore, make sure that all the tools you need to maintain a healthy server are available.

  • Dependability and security

Dedicated hosting plans enable you to ensure that your data is entirely protected by real-time monitoring and security backups.


Difference between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting

Everything you need to know about VPS Hosting.

Hosting companies allow you to upload and download information from a web server. From here, you can retrieve data from a large data server located at this place. There are several options available when you get onto the internet, but let’s take a look at the most popular ones.

1. Shared Hosting:

Web resources are shared among a group of users through shared hosting. Web server resources, such as memory options, CPU, and other hosting plugins, are shared with other websites using this hosting service. For websites with a low load, these types of hosting are ideal.

Listed below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting.


  • Pocketing costs are low at first.
  • Provides the best alternative for advertising.
  • A low-content website would benefit from this product.


  • Shared resources are available.
  • Provides low bandwidth.
  • Performance is lower.

2. Dedicated Hosting:

Dedicated hosting is the best option when we need complete control over our resources. By doing so, you are given access to the dedicated server provided by the provider. You must take responsibility for the services issued in your name for its use with this hosting. The content and load on the website are high with this hosting.

Dedicated hosting has some pros and cons.


  • The best performance provides a fast response time.
  • Ensures the provision of essential business-related services.
  • The focus should be on security.


  • Setting it up is more expensive.
  • To perform operations, it is necessary to know.
  • First-time users shouldn’t use this.



Shared Hosting

Dedicated Hosting


Many clients share the same server and resources.

No one else can access the server or its resources.


The hosting of many websites occurs on a single server.

An individual has a dedicated server.


Each user has a limited amount of bandwidth.

The bandwidth is unlimited.


To maintain an even distribution of storage, the option is limited.

Storage options on the server are fully customizable by the user.


Due to the fact that multiple websites are handled by one server, performance is poor.

Due to the use of one full server, performance is much higher.


Multiple users can share maintenance costs, which reduces costs.

The user is responsible for maintenance costs, which are higher.


As multiple websites run on a single server, the risk of blacklisting is high.

As only one website is hosted on one server, the chances of getting into blacklisting are minimal.


The slow response time is caused by the number of websites.

A single website means a quick response time.


Resources are shared, so security is minimal.

A single user has the best control over the server in terms of security.


Best Dedicated Server Hosting Types

  • Windows Dedicated Hosting: Hosting companies that provide Windows dedicated servers can handle all the high-end requirements of Windows-based applications, including highly optimized processors, higher RAM, continuous connectivity, additional application security, and complete control to run specific applications on these servers. A world-class infrastructure, redundant power systems, superior data processing facilities, and an expert level of management and technical support have contributed to its success.

Additionally, Windows dedicated server hosting offers the following benefits:

  1. Datacenter proximity
  2. Savings on foreign exchange and lower fees
  3. The management of the servers is outsourced to the service provider.
  4. Utilize local skilled workforce at low cost due to the high number of highly trained web technicians in the country
  5. Quality dedicated web hosting provided by local data centres with redundant power for uptime, top-quality infrastructure, and top-rated security.
  • Linux Dedicated Hosting: The cloud allows customers to host full-featured websites and utilize high amounts of resources over the cloud infrastructure. Using a dedicated Linux server enables users to perform their cloud-based applications consistently. While some organizations are discouraged by the relatively high costs of dedicated hosting plans, organizations can minimize costs and maximize functionality by adopting Linux based dedicated cloud server hosting. In addition to being cost-effective, flexible, no licensing requirements, and manageable, Linux dedicated hosting has many others advantages.
  • Managed Dedicated Hosting: In fully managed dedicated server hosting, the provider collects the whole server or platform application, including installation, administration, management, and support. Resource ownership is specific to the user, ensuring that you are hosting your data and not others, eliminating the issues associated with sharing resources.


Dedicated Server Hosting – Advantages & Disadvantages

5 Amazing Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting - BigRock Blog

Having said all that, there is still an important question to be asked: Who are the best providers in India of Dedicated Server Hosting? What makes them the best provider of dedicated servers? Let’s look at the numerous advantages of Dedicated Server hosting before we go over the list of the best Dedicated Server hosting companies. Likewise, we will also examine their disadvantages.


  • Customization: You can customize much more when you have your server than sharing it. So you can better serve your target audience by customizing your server.
  • Uptime: The fewer chances of downtime will be due to the use and control of all the resources available to you. Monitoring times could increase uptime to 100% with adequate monitoring.
  • Congestion: The server and its resources are all exclusively yours, so there is a far lower risk of server congestion.
  • Security: The only actions on the server that put it at risk are those performed by you. The plugin does not interact with neighbouring clients, so no buggy scripts or software exist. Depending on your business needs, you can install anti-virus and other anti-malware software.
  • Support: You may receive excellent support for all aspects of the server you use, depending on the Dedicated hosting plan you select.

When selecting a dedicated server hosting provider for your business, you must examine the services offered.


  • Cost: Dedicated Servers are more expensive than shared hosting because one company could host several clients on a single server. One customer can only use a dedicated server at a time. License fees are not included in this calculation.
  • Maintenance: Dedicated Servers, which require the user to configure, run, and maintain the server, are considerably more complicated. Beginners often find this problematic. Many people and businesses start with the other hosting options and upgrade when necessary.
  • Technical Requirements: Setting up a dedicated server can be very difficult for newbies. The setting of these devices requires knowledge of IP routing and server mechanisms.



Reasons Why eCommerce Website need a Dedicated Hosting Server and Private SSL Certificate? | Hello2Hosting Blog

Providing all the resources with your website needs, web hosting is the foundation of your website. If your website is always up and performing error-free when someone visits, it is essential that you choose the right web hosting provider.

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